Robert Marvin

Robert Marvin

Chief Editor & Author

Robert is the founder & Editor-in-chief of Trekking Ground. He grew up playing in the forest with his dog and hiking in the mountains with his parents. Together, they spend most of their free time running, hiking, and exploring. His idea of a perfect day starts and ends wearing a headlamp and includes a rocky approach and endless high fives with a favorite partner. 

We At Trekking Ground Help Trekkers Make Informed Buying Decisions On Outdoor Gear So They Can Make The Best Of Their Time Outdoors.

Not Just Another Trekking Company

We’ve been there: you’re pouring through pages of products, unsure of which one suits your needs best. Out of the hundreds of items to choose from online, how do you know which one is right for you?

It is our promise to you, that we take the headache out of choice so you can focus on having fun doing what you love. Being Outdoors!

At Trekking Ground, we take the time to research, battle-test as many items as we possibly can, so you can get Outside fast!

Besides, wouldn’t you rather spend time outdoors, using the equipment that’s right for you? As opposed to researching endless varieties of camping equipment that may just end up not being what you need?

That’s where Trekking Ground comes in. As a company, this is what you can expect from us:

  • Exhaustive Researching on the best gear on the market,
  • Battle-testing products (as many as we can) for quality and durability
  • Writing brief reviews so you can be informed on what you’re purchasing
  • Highlighting the PROS and CONS in a clear, easy-to-read format

It is our passion to ensure you can get out into nature fast, with the equipment that serves your specific needs.

What You’ll Find On This Website

There are endless products coming out every day. If you love nature and the outdoors as much as we do, we know you’d much rather be outside than scouring tens of hundreds of items.

We want you to be free to select the gear you need and get out into the Great Outdoors! Here is what you’ll find on this website:

  • Meticulously researched articles
  • Easy-to-read guides that highlight important product info
  • The Highest Rated Products on the Market
  • Brief Explanation of what each product is

Why Trekking Ground

We know there are plenty of websites and companies that review items. But why not take it from us. We love the outdoors. We test as many of the products we review as we can. We also love to find the best products on the market. This is how we make our recommendations.

  • We find the best and worst parts of each of the top products in the market
  • We Short-list products our team reviewed and selected
  • We recommend which products will best serve you

It is our passion to weed out the top products, make them easy to understand and deliver them to our beloved readers. It’s about time you got what you needed, so you can get outside and do what you love!

Our Bottom Line

No matter whether you’re prepping for a trip and taking your whole family or spending some time alone in Nature. We prepare you by scouring the best products on the market, so you can get Outdoors and be properly equipped.

We want you to feel the security and comfort of knowing you have what you need. Let’s face it. It’s better to be prepared by letting us do the heavy reading, researching, and testing, instead of spending endless hours on the internet. Get outside sooner with Trekking Ground and let us Trek the internet for you!

"It’s not the mountain we conquer,but ourselves"

Sir Edmund Hillary
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