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7 Best Budget Sleeping Bags

No wonder several people love camping or sleepovers, but you could have next-level experience having the best sleeping bag with you. Are you looking for the best budget sleeping bags? Indeed, you’ll have several options in the market, and to make your selection procedure more straightforward, we are here to help you. Keep reading this article further to know about that one sleeping bag suitable as per your requirements. 

Undoubtedly, a suitable sleeping bag would enable you to get the most comfortable feel while under the stars. But, we can’t deny that several top quality bags are somewhat expensive. But you don’t need to worry as our expert team has listed various sleeping bags in categories. Also, you’ll get multiple buying guidelines as well in this article below. 

Best Choice

FARLAND Sleeping Bags 20°F For Adults Teens Kids (Most Features)

Premium Choice

Coleman 0°F Mummy Sleeping Bag For Big and Tall adults (Loved by Customers - high ratings)

Best in Budget

Oaskys Camping Sleeping Bag (Cheapest product on the list)


Best Budget Sleeping Bags Reviews

Best for Big and Tall Adults

1. Coleman 0°F Mummy Sleeping Bag


  • It is a cheap cold weather sleeping bag with the best quality.
  • It comes with an insulated foot box that’s best for cold weather.
  • It is made of synthetic fabrics.
  • You’ll get a reasonable Warranty period with this product.


  • It is somewhat heavy.
  • It can’t be machine washed.
  • It would take time to store into the storage bag.

You can get the Coleman sleeping bags specially designed for adults up to six feet two inches tall. If you’re looking for a sleeping bag suitable for 0°F at the $50-$80 price range, this is the one for you. 


    • Mummy style and cosy: Perfect for camping in low temperatures, up to 0° F, that comes with quilting construction.
    • Adjustable Height: You can adjust the height to 6 feet 2 inches. 
    • Unique zipping feature: It comes with a ZipPlow system that helps in preventing snagging while you zip the bag. 
    • Thermo lock Technology: You’d get semi-sculpted hoods that tighten with a drawstring within the bag to lock the heat within it. 
    • Size: It has 32-inches by 82-inches; it is a tall-sized bag that’d fit maximum body types up to the height of six feet two inches. 
    • Fiberlock Technology: This particular feature helps prevent the insulation from shifting and increases the bag’s durability. 

Experience: We can’t deny that Coleman offers one of the top quality products and have achieved its place in the market since its establishment. Also, the products, especially the Coleman sleeping bags, come with ComfortSmart Technology that’d offer you comfortable sleep throughout your camping days. 

Best for Adults / Teens / Kids

2. FARLAND Sleeping Bags 20°F


  • Convenient for every outdoor adventure and easy to carry.
  • It is best for cool and chilly weather.
  • It comes with polyester fill allowing it to dry, and that remains durable and non-allergenic. 
  • It is a skin-friendly product as it comes with a Polyester lining that’d be comfortable for the skin. 
  • This particular sleeping bag is machine washable.


  • The temperature ratings are not true to the words. 
  • It’s huge and takes up several folds.

Surprisingly, you would have the best experience and comfortable sleep even when it’s 20°F outside. The specially designed FARLAND sleeping bags keep you warm from top to bottom. Also, you could put it back on the sleep storage quickly. 


  • Mummy size and Envelope Style bag: It is perfect for use in any extreme conditions and comes with a 20°F temperature rating. Also, it has double fill technology with material fill 400GSM that offers extra protection of your body from cold. 
  • Two in one usage: You could use it in two different ways having a left zipper one and a right zipper one which can be used as a double sleeping bag. 
  • Waterproof technology: This particular feature helps in preventing moisture ingress and helps to keep you warm. 
  • You can put it in a compression sack, and it’s small as well as easy to carry. 
  • Size: This particular envelope-shaped sleeping bag comes with a measure of 29.5 by 86.6 inches. Also, campers up to 6 feet 10 inches could fit into this specific sleeping bag comfortably. 
  • Material: The outer cover of this particular product is made of Nylon, breathable, and waterproof fabrics. The fill material used for the sleeping bag is Polyester fibre that’s light weighted and easy to carry with a compact design. 

Experience: You’d get a drawstring-adjustable and hood for the sleeping bag that surrounds your head for keeping the warmth. The extra water and weather-resistant technology keep you away from any dampness.

3. AEGISMAX Outdoor Ultra-light Goose Down Sleeping Bag


  • It is suitable for the entire season. 
  • Get the best quality product at a low price range.
  • It is an ultra-light bag that weighs around 408g
  • It comes with 800 filling power.
  • You can zip the regular and large together.


  • The temperature ratings mentioned is simply for reference, and it doesn’t stick with it.
  • It has a plastic feel to it.

Amazingly, if you are looking for a light and easy carry sleeping bag, this particular product would surely fulfil your needs. No wonder AEGISMAX must be hand washed in cold water and set to hard dry in the sun. 


  • Material: The outer cover of the sleeping bag is made of iFlex 20D Nylon with DWR and down fill material. The inner fabric used is iFlex 20D Nylon with soft skin that has high-density proof down weaving. 
  • Temperature ratings: It comes with temperature ratings of EN 13537. 
  • Suitable Season: Indeed, the bag is ideal for almost every season, Indoor, summer, spring, autumn. 
  • Recommended height: It would perfectly fit users from 5 feet 7 inches to 6 feet 3 inches. 
  • Compact design: It comes with around 12cm*21cm that can easily fit into a backpack. 

Experience: You can buy this if your primary concern is to look for compact-ability and small-volume. We won’t recommend it for someone wanting to use it for below ten °C but can say it’s perfect for summer nights.

4. TETON Sports Regular Sleeping Bag 


  • It is a big, warm, and inexpensive sleeping bag.
  • It comes with a soft fabric that makes it comfortable for sleeping.
  • It has a double layer extra fill, making it much warmer. 
  • It is long-lasting and mummy-style perfect for cinch in around the head.


  • It is somewhat heavy to carry.
  • The bag is not suitable for chilly cold weather.

If you’re a regular camper and wondering about having something for all four seasons then, our recommendation is TETON Sports Regular Sleeping Bag. Indeed, it has exceptional features and is perfect for various reasons. Also, it is long-lasting and has filled in innovative fibre in it. 


  • Comfortable: You’d have a comfortable sleeping experience with this cosy sleeping bag that comes with soft poly-flannel lining. 
  • No need to roll the sleeping bag: You’d get a much durable compression sack with this TETON Sleeping Bag. 
  • It comes with double layer offset stitching and a unique hollow fibre filling. 
  • It has thermal enhancing properties that keep you warm in cold weather. 

Experience: Most of you would find this particular sleeping bag heavy and bulky, but it’s comfortable to sleep in. Also, avoid using it in degrees or less than 25°F.

5. SOULOUT Sleeping Bag


  • You can zip the bag together for making it a double bed.
  • You can use it around the year.
  • It is lightweight, making it easy to carry. 
  • Get a top-quality sleeping bag at the lowest price range.


  • It’s somewhat undersized for adults.
  • It doesn’t provide warmth, as mentioned.

We could say that SOULOUT offers one of the best quality sleeping bags at a cheap price range. Also, this particular sleeping bag ensures its versatility. If you’re looking for sure sleeping bags that’d be perfect for extreme weather conditions, our recommendations would be this specific sleeping bag of SOULOUT. 


    • Materials: The filling material used for this sleeping bag is 400GSM and is made of high quality 210T Polyester, making it durable to use. 
    • Suitable for all seasons: Not only it is waterproof, but it also protects you from cold. 
    • Easy to clean: Wipe the sleeping bag by hand, or you can leave it for machine washing. 
    • Comfortable: It is a rectangular shaped sleeping bag that provides maximum comfort as well as roominess.
    • Warmth: This particular sleeping bag has polyester insulation that allows it to dry faster, and it can insulate even in a wet or moist area. 

Experience: We won’t recommend it for any ultra-light packing trips. Other than that, it is comfortable and durable as well. Also, the plus point about this sleeping bag is that it’s waterproof, warm and worth the pricing.

6. Oaskys Camping Sleeping Bag 


  • The compression bag comes with straps that make it super convenient to store. 
  • A separate zip is available at the bottom for taking out your feet for some wind. 
  • It has a waterproof feature.
  • It comes with half circled hood for keeping your head warmer and has adjustable drawstrings.


  • It is somewhat heavy to carry for camping purposes.

We are overwhelmed to share our opinion about the Oaskys camping sleeping bag as it is water-resistant and would keep you warm in chilly weather. Also, it has various unique features that you’d get to know below. We would recommend this particular sleeping bag for those planning to go hiking, trekking, or other exploration. 


  • Suitable for three seasons: You can use our sleeping bag for three seasons. Mainly, you can use it for around 10-20 Degree Celsius. 
  • Design: The product comes with a water-resistant design to keep you warm by preventing you from dampness. 
  • Material: The outer cover of the bag comes with premium 210T anti-tearing polyester fabric that’s breathable as well, and the inner lining has 190T polyester pongee material. 
  • Easy to carry: The much convincing size of the sleeping bag comes with a compression sack making it easy to carry. Also, you could wipe clean it, which makes the product versatile and convenient for usage.

Experience: Indeed, we had a great experience with this particular sleeping bag. Also, it’s a fantastic idea to keep a zipper at the foot. It certainly allows air to enter or exit the bag.

7. SOULOUT Sleeping Bag


  • It comes with two separate individual detachable sleeping bags.
  • It is ultra-lightweight and easy to clean.
  • The outer cover of the bag is made of water-resistant fabric.


  • The zipper is not up to the mark as it fails in most cases.

If you want to fall in love outdoor lifestyle & camping then, this particular sleeping bag is the one for you. Not only for outdoor activities, but you can also certainly use it for indoor activities in temperate conditions. We could say that you’ll enjoy the comfort and quality of the SOULOUT Sleeping Bag. 


  • Portable & lightweight: The bags come in the size of around 13.4inch*17.3inch. Also, you’d get an adjustable strap that helps to compress it into smaller pieces. 
  • Versatile: You can use this particular sleeping bag as either multiple sleeping bags or two queen-sized blankets that’d be perfect for movie nights, sleepovers or more. 
  • Waterproof: It comes with water-resistant technology that penetrates the water, and it dries faster due to the polyester insulation. 
  • Warm & Comfortable

Experience: If you prioritize weight then, we won’t recommend this particular bag. We have used this for several road trips, and it’s best for everything else other than ultra-light packing trips. 

Buying Guide

Indeed, it would be best if you had a sleeping bag for having the best adventurous camping experience, but it could be a hectic job to select the right one for you out of several types of sleeping bags available in the market these days. Below, you’d get to know about specific points you need to consider while selecting a sleeping bag. 

Set a Budget 

Your primary concern while buying a sleeping bag must be the budget. But, before you consider buying something, it’s crucial to know your budget as you do not want to spend money unnecessarily on a single thing. We would recommend having the highest quality sleeping bags as much as you can afford for a regular camper. If you’re not a regular camper, then try buying one that would keep you warm at night on a low budget. 


We know that comfort is a crucial requirement for falling asleep. It’s challenging and annoying as well to try sleeping when you are not at all comfortable. Several sleeping bags could have specific cons that’d be uncomfortable for many, like scratchy fabrics, Confined shapes, and others. So, we would suggest that you look for a sleeping bag that ensures to provide comfort. 

Design & Feature

It would be best to pre-research the design and the unique features each style could offer. Interestingly, you’ll get sleeping bags in three different types, including mummy-style sleeping bags, rectangular sleeping bags, and Semi-rectangular sleeping bags. No doubt, each has varied features that distinguish them from the other. We have listed out a few in the about listing, which you could check out the one you’d love to have for camping. Also, few women-specific sleeping bags were made shorter and narrower. 

Insulation Type

Our experts have concluded that sleeping bags most often comes with either down insulation or synthetic insulation. We have witnessed that most people are using synthetic ones these days. But, many don’t know that down insulation is the lightest and most packable as they’re made from goose or duck plumage. Also, these are much durable but cost much more than synthetic ones. Indeed, people are using synthetic ones for a reason now. It most probably retains more warmth when wet and becomes the best choice for people camping in moist climates. 

Temperature Ratings 

Amazingly, most manufacturers give specific temperature ratings in the sleeping bags these days, making the selection procedure much more manageable. We have observed that temperature ratings in the bags usually have either EN or ISO ratings. These temperature ratings probably us the indication of the test standard usage. But it would be best if you kept in mind that the temperature ratings in the bag don’t guarantee warmth. 


Q: How much can do I have to spend for buying a suitable sleeping bag? 

You need to set up a budget for around 200-300 dollars for the top-notch quality sleeping bags. Also, you can get sure sleeping bags between 50-100 dollars have synthetic fills that would be perfect for only summer camping. So, you could keep your budget from 40 dollars or less to 200 or more. 

Q: Are sleeping bags expensive?

We would say that sleeping bags are available in different price ranges from low cost to expensive. Indeed, the bags differ in quality as well; with the high price range, you’d get better quality and unique technologies, including more warmth, breathability, and comfort on the sleeping bags. Also, sleeping bags that are suitable for every weather or temperature would cost even more. 

Q: How do I know which sleeping bag would be a better fit? 

The vital thing to know is that each sleeping bag comes with sizing by its length to have the load correlate with your height. So, it’s evident that you’d get a good fit with the bag if it’s one or two inches taller than your height or similar to your size. 

Q: Can I wash my sleeping bag most often? 

Indeed, each manufacturer has different features and uses varied fabrics, but it’s unnecessary to wash the bags after every trip. You could pass them once a year, and it would be best to avoid machine washing for synthetic fill sleeping bags. For a regular camper, they’d want to wash them frequently. 


We can’t consider one sleeping bag as the perfect one for you as everyone has different priorities. Also, each design and material has its benefits as well as flaws. So, it would be best to look through this article and select the one from the list we have mentioned above that suits your requirements. We hope you’ll find this article helpful and informative for choosing a perfect sleeping bag. 

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