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7 Best Camping Chairs for big guys: Our top recommendations

If you want to enjoy adventurous places like camping with comfort then a quality chair is probably the most important item. These quality chairs take all the worries out of your outdoor experiences. So, that you can fully concentrate on enjoying and having fun.

After all, there’s nothing as relaxing and calming as kicking back at the camp after a day-long adventure. And the comfort is given by the camping chair is none comparable to any Furniture you would choose to rest.

If you choose poorly you will be ended up with discomfort, back pain, and neck aches. These pains can be severe if you are a big guy or girl. So, we did our expert research to find out the best camping chair for a big guy. Dwell in the article below and learn about them.

Best Choice

KingCamp Camping Chair with lumbar support

Premium Choice

TIMBER RIDGE Oversized Directors Chairs

Best in Budget

ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair


Best Heavy-duty Camping chairs: Our top recommendations

1. KingCamp lumbar back support Camping Chair


  • The chair properly distributes your weight to prevent stress on the particular body part. 
  • The chair comes with KingCamp one-year free replacement and refund warranty. 
  • The storage bag makes it easy to carry and store.
  • Two-step folding makes it simple to handle.


  • A chair is just available in Black and gray color.

One of the best outdoor brands, KingCamp is known for its affordable quality products- this lumbar support chair is no exception. This chair, with a 350 lbs weight carrying capacity and deluxe folding, is perfect comfort for various outdoor and indoor purposes. If you are looking for a chair on which you can reside for hours without getting tired. This chair is a perfect match for you. The alignment strap provided in the chair keeps your back in place and thus prevents back stress due to prolonged sitting on a chair. 


  1. Durability: the steel powdered frame provides extra durability to the chair.
  2. Back support: the lumbar back support provided with the alignment strap gives ultimate convenience even after sitting for long hours on the chair. 
  3. Cooler bag: The insulated cooler bag with three can carry capacity keeps your cola bottle col  So; You can relax on the chair and read magazines while you enjoy cold beverages.
  4. Storage: the head storage and side mesh storage provide you with enough space to keep all additions that you want to keep.

Expert view: The KingCamp lumbar support chair is best suited for people with back issues among our top recommendations.

2. Timber ridge oversized directors chair


  • Its oversized dimension and different size seat can fit any size person comfortably.
  • A sturdy table design allows keeping essential items within your reach.
  • Timber Ridge also provides carrying straps for allowing you to take the chair.
  • Easy to set up.


  • The weight of the chair, 20.5 pounds, can make it troublesome to carry.

As the name suggests, oversized is the best camping chair for the big guys who like convenience as the smaller chairs. Giant people often have a problem sitting comfortably on chairs. But this is best suited for large folks and won’t give you a feeling like you will fall off the ground any moment. 


  1. Durable:  the promising material and the excellent quality construction of the frame make it a durable chair for the big guys. 
  2. Comfort: Size is not the issue with this chair as it can fit anyone, even the XXL size. 
  3. Sturdy: the heavy-duty framework supports a weight of up to 600 lbs, making the chair sturdy for all people.
  4. Relaxing:   the chair has a full coverage back and a padded headrest and cushioned armrest to relax the person.

Expert view: The Timber Ridge oversized chair is adequately for heavy people. 

3. Alps Mountaineering King Kong chair


  •  Two cup pockets, two side pockets, and large pockets help you keep all the essential accessories with you while sitting on a chair.  
  • It comes with a sturdy bag which makes it easy for transportation.
  • High-quality, comfortable chair fabric.


  • Prolonged sitting on a chair can put pressure on your legs.

Are you looking for a more robust and more reliable chair in the budget? Then this one from our top picks is the best for you.  It is the strongest, durable and stable camping chair you will find. This ALPS king Kong chair can hold weight up to 800 lbs, making it way more stable and the best camping chair for big guys.  Even if you do not need extra weight, you can experience the next comfort level on the chair.  The strength of the chair is unbeatable by any other chair of its kind.  


  1. Stable and durable: A sturdy powder-coated steel-framed chair makes it highly tough and durable. 
  2. Long-lasting fabric: The fabric of the chair is strong 600 filtrated making the chair last for a long time
  3. Comfortable: The 24.5 inches wide seat gives you ultimate seating comfort.

Expert view: Best-suited chair for the big guys looking for an affordable camping chair.

4. Kijaro Dual lock portable Camping and sport chair


  • Breathable mesh 
  • The seat doesn’t say which gives maximum comfort. 
  • Shoulder straps make it easy for the person on the chair to move the chair in one place.  
  • They sit higher than other chairs, which is an excellent feature for taller people.


  • The chair doesn’t have as many features as the other chairs. 

Who doesn’t love a simple setup chair? I am sure you also love the same. The Kijaro dual lock chair has an easy lock system. The push-button can easily lock this chair at the arms of the chair. So, you don’t have to worry about the complications of setting up and folding. The chair is super light in weight and can carry weight up to 300 lbs. You can easily take it on your back. The small organizer allows you to store essential accessories.  


  1. Superior seating experience: Breathable mesh fabric of the chair back gives you a heaven-like feeling while residing on a chair on summer days. 
  2. Easy to set up: Dual lock mechanism allows quick fold and setup of the chair. 
  3. Lightweight: The chair’s weight is just 9.5 lbs, making it easy to carry anywhere with the carry bag provided with the package.

Expert view:  The Kijaro dual lock chair is Best for people who want an easy to assemble camping chair.

5. Ever advanced lightweight folding directors chair


  • Its firm grip allows maximum stability even on sandy or moist grounds makes it the best camping chair for big guys.
  • The rubber molded feet make the chair slip-resistant. 
  • Padded and rigid armrests and backrests will enable you to have comfortable hand support. 
  • Aluminum alloy gives it super quality.


  • Prolonged sitting on a chair can put pressure on your legs.

Are they looking for something like all in one chair? Ever advanced are experts in chairs and are devoted to bringing strong camping chairs. This model of chair designed by Ever Advanced is a heavy-duty, lightweight, and effortless folding chair. The chair has an aluminum alloy frame which makes it very strong. So, there is no compromise with the quality while reducing the weight of the chair. Heavy-duty, as well as lightweight, makes the chair overall perfect. 


  1. Maximum stability: the chair is provided with molded rubber feet, making it firm on all the grounds and maximizing its strength. The chair is fine enough to stand all the outdoor weather, including moist weather. 
  2. Convenient: The supported side table has a unique stand for mobile phones and a cold drink bottle. You can also fold frames when not in use. 
  3. Multipurpose porch: 4 pockets of the chair allow you to store many items in the chair. 
  4. Hand support: the chair has a cushioned armrest.

Expert view:  Ever advanced is the Best chair for the ones looking for a quality heavy-duty chair.

6. King Camping Moon round Saucer Chair


  • Moisture-wicking 600 D Oxford fabric and strong plastic give increased stability to the chair. 
  • The chair has a large packet bag to store magazines and accessories. 
  • Though the chair has round when fully opened, it covers pretty little space when folded.
  • A round shape gives more surface area for comfortable sitting for hours.


  • Its small height makes it a little uncomfortable for a heightened person.

Honestly, no one wants a chair just for camping purposes. But a camping chair that can also fit in your patio or any place at your home is the desire of every person searching for a camping chair. Suppose you have had the same thinking go for this super stylish moon-round multipurpose chair. The saucer shape and the top-quality polyester fabric make this chair the best camping chair for the big guy.  


  1. Heavy-duty: the folded iron framework and the polyester fabric make the chair heavy duty for all purposes. 
  2. All around body comfort: the curved ergonomic design of the chair’s complete pad gives ultimate comfort to the person sitting on the chair.
  3. Portable:  You will easily fold the chair within seconds and keep it in the bag; this makes it easy to carry anywhere you want. 

Expert advice: It can be the best choice for the owner looking for the stylish best camping chair for big guys.

7. ONIVA XL capacity outdoor folding camp chair


  • The chair comes with a lifetime replaceable and repairing guarantee.
  • Its larger size makes it easy for a hefty or adult person to get up from the chair. 
  • The shoulder strap carrying bag in the package makes it easy for you to carry the load.
  • A detachable cooler bag and retractable cup holder are great for carrying accessories.


  • Costlier than most of the others in our recommended chairs.
  • A bit heavy to carry.

This ONIVA XL capacity outdoor chair is not a camping chair. Instead, it is a camping throne. I am referring to it as a Camping throne because it’s big and tall, with dimensions of 42×8×10 inches. Also, its 24-inch wide seat and 24-inch high headrest make it the best camping chair for the big guy. It can hold people weighing as much as 400 lbs. The chair comes with sturdy powder-coated steel frame padded armrests, and a hanging beverage pocket. 


  1. Sturdy: This Xl size chair is strong enough to give a comfortable seat to a person weighing up to 400 lbs. 
  2. Effortless folding: the inward folding feature of the chair makes it very easy to fold and occupies very little space after folding.
  3. Comfort: the extra-wide seat made with breathable polyester gives the ultimate satisfaction, convenience, and enrolment while camping with friends. 

Expert view: This Oniva chair is the perfect chair for the big guys.

How to choose the best chair for the big guys?

The fact probably won’t be a shock to you that manufacturers don’t create all chairs equally. And so, finding the perfect fit for you is significant.  You can find dozens of different types of chairs we have done expert research on and listed above heavy duty chairs in the market. Every chair has its unique features. To choose the best one for yourself, go through the given points given below.

Consider the following points while choosing the best camping chair for big guys:

1. Comfort

You know that comfort is the priority while choosing a camping chair. After all, you want something that allows you to enjoy and that comes from comfort. To decide how comfortable the chair is, check the padding on the seats. Luckily most of the heavy-duty chairs come with enough padding. 

Check for the armrest and backrests. The chairs with the back and headrests are the most comforting ones. Go for the ones that have designs with proper back and neck support.

2. Capacity:

Not all the chairs support the same burden. So,   Check the capacity of the chair. No matter how much comfort the chair has,  it should keep your weight effortlessly. Mostly the chair for a significant guy support minimum of 300 lbs weight.  As the capacity of the chair increases, the comfort also increases. The chairs are available up to 800 lbs, so choose what is best for you.

3. Durability

Regular camping chairs that are low in price are cheap materials that last as long as just one season of the year. On the other hand, heavy-duty chairs have heavy materials. The sturdy chairs that have materials for the frame and the seat have mum durability.

4. Extras

Another thing to consider while purchasing the extra accessories along with the chair. The footrests, lumbar pads, cup holders, carrying bag, storage package, cold box, etc. Look for the things according to your

5. Complexity:

Another thing to consider while buying a camping chair is the level of complexity it has. Some of the chairs are very complex to fold and set up. Read the details of the products to know that complexity. 

Frequently asked questions( FAQs)

Q1. How much weight can a camping chair hold?

Different heavy-duty camping chairs can hold weights ranging from 300- 800 lbs. This weight capacity of the chair altogether depends on the material of the chair.

Q2. How tall is the average camping chair?

The average size of the camping chair is 17-19 inches ( 43-48 cms); this is the size from the chair seating surface to the chair leg. 

Q3. How do I choose a camping chair?

Go for the heavy-duty chairs and the chairs for the big guys. We have mentioned the buying guide for the chair and some of the best chairs for the big guys. You can check the description on Amazon and buy it.

Q4. Why are camping chairs important?

Unlike the typical plastic chairs, camping chairs give you a relaxing and comfortable feel while sitting around the campfire. Also, you can use these camping chairs for various other outdoor and indoor activities. 

Q5. Are moon chairs comfortable?

Moon chairs have a saucer shape that is super comfortable for all sizes of people. You need to ensure the weight capacity of the chair. This chair gives you perfect comfort and gives you a luxurious feel.

Final Verdict

Whew, that’s a lot of information in the single article. Now it’s time to sit down and gather all the information. In case you need a quick recap here’s it- From our expert research, we found that the best camping chair for big guys is KingCamp lumbar back support Camping Chair. It has maximum features of all the chairs motioned in the section. Best weight holding capacity, extras, easy folding, and durability make it the best among all. 

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