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10 Best Camping Stove-Grill Combo for The Most Satisfying Camping Experience Ever

If you have experienced the sizzle of food on a grill, you know what real anticipation is like when the moisture sloshes against the hot plates; you know what true hunger is like. And if you are already visualizing the idea of skewered veggies and charred chicken, the rising smoke, what’s keeping you from making it a reality.

Instead of making tours to a barbeque restaurant, paying for a lot more than you order, leaving unsatisfied, wanting more of that delicious goodness, you could just make it at home. Now, that is true fulfillment.

Now imagine being able to grill on a camping trip, doesn’t it instantly make you want to pack up your things and drive to your usual camping spot? Grilling and camping are two experiences that go hand in hand with each other.  

But there is more to a grill than just grilling food, the type and quality can make or break your hopes for getting a bang for the buck. Our foodie writers and editors are equally as precise about cooking equipment. We love food, and we love being able to cook it wherever or whenever. This intense love for food also makes us really picky buyers, and hence, we decided to make things easier for you.

Here’s an inventory of the best portable camping stove with grill combos available in the market. Each section will take you through a detailed review of the features, advantages, and disadvantages of the best grills we could find for the most satisfying camping experience ever. Follow Along!

If you are like us, there’s no way you are compromising on a hearty camping breakfast. And what makes for a good, fulfilling morning fuel on a camping trip. Perfectly barbecued sausage, grilled sandwiches with a side of beans that is standard for good nourishment, which is still incomplete with a camping stove and a grill. 

But wait, how about combing the two equipment, how about a camping stove-grill combo! After all, portability is another when you are camping. Especially when you are cooking for a family, you will soon end up wanting one of these grills.

1. Coleman Camp Propane Stove Grill Combo


  • Ingenious technology which ensures even grilling and cooking
  • Adjustable burners for ease of use and large cooking space
  • Wield shields perfect for windy camping trips
  • Tremendous cooking performance.
  • Perfect for new campers and those who are looking for a budget stove-grill combo.


  • No built-in ignition button, so you’ll have to carry your own matches or lighter when you go camping.

  • Lack of package accessories. The stove grill combo itself has many handouts, but it doesn’t come with compatible utensils. Meaning you would have to buy specific pans and pots that fit the cooking size of the grill.
  • The Coleman camp propane stove grill combo is our first recommendation for an excellent camping-cooking experience. Both the stove and grill are integrated into one portable unit, which is undoubtedly much better than schlepping two different cooking equipment.
  • There is a grill on the right side and a twin burner on the left. The stove-grill burns at quite a capacity totaling up to 20,000 BTUs. This means you can barbeque and simmer at the same time without worry. Coleman is infamous for making some unique outdoor cooking tools are well as their camping and fishing units.
  • If you have used a Coleman before, you must be well-versed with the ingenious Perfect Flow and Perfect Heat technology. With this feature, you can cook carefree on the windiest nights without the flames flickering off. With the help of modern technology, propane usage is kept at a minimum for better efficiency. 
  • The Coleman stove grill combo requires low maintenance, and the aluminum-steel cooktop is a promise of durability. Overall, this stove grill combo is the best budget buy offering the best features.
Weight7.5 pounds
Length21 in.
Width12.5 in.
Height4.25 in.
Performance 20,000 BTUs
Burner2 adjustable burners

2. Stansport Outfitter Series Propane Camp Stove


  • Fast and efficient cooking experience while also allowing you to cook three different dishes at the same time
  • Easy to clean stainless steel tray for low maintenance
  • Robust windshield for better wind resistance
  • Lightweight and portable.


  • You might have to fidget and practice twisting the ignitor.
  • Might be a little hefty for an extended camping trip or hiking.
  • There is no better word for the Stansport Outfitter propane camp stove than to say it cooks like a beast. The stove comes with a whopping cooking power of 60,000 BTUs spread between the three burners. The smaller burner covers 10,000 BTUs while the two larger burners each give 25,000 BTUs worth of performance.
  • The backside panel acts as a reliable windshield, ensuring that the food cooks evenly and in less time. There is a generous amount of cooking space for full-size pots and pans, and the three-burner system makes cooking multiple dishes at a single time much more manageable.
  • Despite the elite performance, Stansport Outfitters will not break your wallet. Priced at a minimal price range, we deem this stove as a perfect tool, especially when you are cooking for a large family.

Weight0.66 pounds
Length15.00 in.
Width3.50 in.
Height24.25 in.
Performance 60,000 BTUs
Burner3 burners [two larger and one small]


3. Gas ONE GS Dual Propane/Butane Portable Stove


  • Higher heat output of 15,000 BTUs for efficient cooking
  • Heat resistant temperature control dial
  • Inbuilt safety boxes
  • Dual fuel option for better versatility
  • Windshield for better wind resistance and even cooking


  • You need to be a little careful with the carrying case as it is rather delicate
  • You might find it inconvenient when cooking larger batches as you can’t use big pans and pots that may cover the butane cylinder.
  • Not ideal for backpacking but quite useful on camping trips.

  • The Gas one dual fuel stove is made for convenience at an excellent budget price for any camping trip. The single burner performs at a cooking power of 15,000 BTUs, making it one of the most portable yet powerful camping cooking stoves in the market today.
  • But that is not the only striking feature of the Gas one stove, a single 8 oz butane, and another 16.4 propane cylinder offers true versatility. You can pack the stove in any space due to its compact design and minimal weight.
  • The stove sports a steel plate for easy cleaning along with elongated pan support designed to hold smaller pots and pans. Inside the package, you will also find an enamel drip pan beside the central stove and other accessories.
  • The ingenious Pressure Sensor Cartridge ejection system and the gas cut-off technology make the stove very user friendly and suitable for cooking on the windiest days. We recommend using the propane cylinder for most of your cooking as it has a relatively lower point. However, if you want to save up on fuel, butane is certainly cheaper as a fuel.

Weight2.2 pounds
length12.9 in.
Width10.0 in.
Height4.4 in.
Performance 15,000 BTUs
BurnerSingle burner

4. Coleman Triton 2 Burner Propane Portable Tabletop


  • The compact design makes it one of the most travel-friendly stove and grill
  • Low maintenance
  • Multiple windscreens for better protection on windy days and for even cooking
  • Priced at a reasonable point
  • Perfect when you are cooking for a large group.


  • The cooking space might feel slightly smaller
  • Lower BTUs per burner, considering other stoves at this price range have higher cooking power
  • Not as light as its other counterparts, not suitable for backpackers.
  • The Coleman triton propane stove and grill is an upgrade of the Coleman classic. The equipment is made lightweight while also ready for the roughest camping trips with a sturdy body—sporting dual burners totaling up to 22,000 BTUs of cooking power.
  • The unique Perfect Flow and Perfect Heat technology ensure that there are less fuel usage and more cooking. You can place large cooking pans and pots on the stove at the same time, due to the generous cooking space present in this unit.
  • The adjustable side panels are designed to block wind from all three directions along with a sturdy windshield. No, you don’t have to worry about packing matches or lighter for this stove and grill. The instastart ignition button lights up the fire in a second.
  • The design is compact, and the trifling weight does not add up to much of a package, which is a much-needed quality for backpacking and camping trips. However, despite the low weight, the main body is quite sturdy, which helps extend the lifespan of the Coleman Triton Stove-Grill.

Weight4.85 pounds
length13.9 in.
Width5.8 in.
Height4.85 in.
Performance 22,000 BTUs
BurnerDouble burners

5. Blackstone Griddle Station and Outdoor Flat Top Gas stove


  • Extra-large cooking space for any size of meal plan
  • Safe for both indoor and outdoor grilling
  • Two independent control burners
  • Quick ignition button
  • Enhanced efficiency because of the versatile storage and prepping area
  • Easy transport and movement due to four sturdy carting wheels.


  • You might experience some problems with the regulation, as reported by the review from existing customers.
  • The griddle collects quite a weight making it harder to carry around.
  • Heavy grilling plate which makes it harder to detach it for cleaning purposes.
  • The Blackstone Tabletop grill is one of that cooking equipment that brings a family together. It requires a simple setup, and the compact designs make it possible to fit the griddle station in any space. The most striking feature of the griddle is its H-shaped burner system, which ensures that the food cooks evenly. 
  • The 47p inch grilling spaces can cook some big patties in one go. The bottom shelf serves as food storage and prepping area. We all know it’s a task to ignite and cook on that redundant kerosene or coal grills.
  • The Blackstone Flat top griddle is a quick and efficient replacement for a satisfying cooking experience.
  • If you are hoping to grill or barbeque on a camping trip, the Blackstone tabletop griddle offers a quick packing mechanism and transportable industrial-grade carting wheels. You don’t have to worry about carrying lighters or matches because of the battery supported ignition button for easy fire kindling. 
  • Overall, if you are looking for a piece of sturdy and versatile grilling equipment, the Blackstone griddle tabletop is a quick remedy. Although the price point is not a budget buy, the extra features such as the prepping table, storage space, ignition button, and carting wheels make the investment worthy of spending a few extra bucks.

Weight25 pounds
length44.50 in.
Width19.50 in.
Height33.50 in.
Performance 60,000 BTUs
BurnerDouble burners

6. GasOne Propane/Butane Grill Stove with Carrying Case


  • Premium design that looks great aesthetically
  • Convenient and lightweight for any type of outdoor cooking
  • Dual fuel usage
  • Efficient cooking due to the rectangular design of the pipes
  • The non-stick griddle is excellent for oil-free cooking.


  • According to some customer reviews, it is difficult to regulate the temperature
  • Due to the low cooking output, the food cooks relatively slowly
  • No windshield mechanism for windy camping trips.
  • The GasOne Propane or Butane Grill and Stove is a true beauty to look at, shouting premium. The unique duel fuel usage makes for a piece of genuinely versatile cooking equipment during power outages or camping trips. 
  • The unique Piezo ignition button eliminated the need to carry around lighters and matches. The flame regulation is precise for efficient cooking and less fuel usage. The metal body is sturdy, made to last long. The cooking performance at 7,200 BTUs might not be as high as other stove grills we have glanced at. However, the cooking is pretty quick and controlled.
  • The GasOne stove grills sport a drip tray for one of those days when you are craving some greasy yet hearty food. The grill stove also comes with a carrying case, which is equally elegant and helps in carrying the equipment around. 
  • The pipes hidden below the griddle are designed to ensure that the food cooks evenly. Moreover, the non-stick cooking grill makes it easier if you want to cook with less oil. Conclusively the GasOne grill and stove is definitely priced at a higher point when compared to the other recommendation, but the premium body, dual fuel usage, ignition button justifies the price point well. 

Weight13 pounds
length11.46 in.
Width16.57 in.
Height4.61 in.
Performance 7.200 BTUs

7. Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove


  • Sturdy windshields for even cooking on the windiest days
  • Reliable handle for convenient carrying
  • Stainless drip tray for clean grease collection
  • Strong cooking performance for fast cooking
  • Instant start ignition button.


  • Windscreen connections can be a bit flimsy
  • The fuel line is detachable, but the only disparity is that the fuel cylinder does not have a dedicated storage space.
  • Are you frustrated with the old school camp stoves and the small cooking space when you have to cook for a group of people on your camping trips? There’s no way you will have time left to actually enjoy the occasion when you are stuck with a slow and small stove! Not anymore. This camp chef stove review will help you choose your right cooking companion for the trip.
  • The Camp Chef camping stove is a true delight for avid camping foodies. You can fit in relatively larger pans due to the generous cooking area. The reliable heat regulation system allows you to simmer your dishes while you enjoy some time away with friends.
  • The Camp chef burner stove is super to setup and install. You can simply open snap open the sturdy windscreen, attach the fuel cylinder and voila, you are ready to cook. Moreover, if you are tired of the usual black camping stoves, the camp chef burner stove comes in a quirky red color.

length13.5 in.
Width23.5 in.
Height4 in.
Performance 20,000 BTUs each
BurnerDual burners

8. Coleman Camping Gas Stove


  • Easy to clean detachable trays for better convenience
  • Sturdy legs that can be removed in case you want to use the inverted wok
  • Strong cooking performance and the cooking space is large enough to cook for four people
  • Multiple cooking units packed into one stove.


  • Small cooking space not suitable for large batches of food
  • No windshield for windy camping trips
  • For the small size and performance, the stove is a little pricey.
  • Coleman is a pioneer when it comes to camping cooking equipment and supplies, and their expertise shows in the Coleman Camping gas stove. Don’t be fooled by the small size of the stove as it sports 4-in-1 cooking units. Besides the central stove, the other three inserts allow you to grill, cook in a wok, and different size pans.
  • The cooking area is relatively small, measuring up to 100 inches, but it is quite an advantage if you want to pack light for a camping trip.  The trays are easy to remove and holds the grease on the top to prevent dripping.
  • The small stove comes packed with a dedicated ignition push button, so there is no need to carry matches or lighters with you. There is a 16.4 oz propane cylinder that powers a burner with 7,000 BTUs worth of cooking performance.
  • You can lock the latches on the legs for better support, and when you need to use the wok, you can conveniently detach them.

ColorRed and Black
length14.4 in.
Width11 in.
Height5 in.
Performance 7,000 BTUs each
BurnerDual burners

9. Blackstone 1554 Flattop Gas Grill and Griddle Station


  • Solid-body and premium looks
  • Easy transportation with the help of four industrial grader carter wheels
  • Robust and reliable safety mechanisms
  • Four strong burners offering a much better cooking performance along with well-distributed cooking zones
  • Large cooking space for larger batches of food.


  • Grease management is present but not as efficient
  • Can be quite a pricey option if you are looking for a budget buy.
  • The Blackstone 1554 flattop grilling station is designed for a practical and efficient cooking experience. The griddle station looks premium and sports features that allow cooking large batches of food flawlessly for the price. 
  • The setup is simple and straightforward, and the cooking area is simply massive. The fuel gas ensures quick cooking with minimum effort. Along with a dedicated ignition button with an electric controller, you also get four strong burners and a lot of extra storage and prepping space.
  • The clean design is a kept compact with firm legs and carter wheels for convenient transportation. It is easy to manage the extra grease with the help of a robust grease collector on one side of the griddle.
  • You can also fold the legs when you need to carry the equipment to a particular destination. However, since the griddle packs in a lot of weight, we do not find it suitable for backpackers.  The griddle is priced at a relatively higher price point, so it is best to contemplate if your cooking habit requires such an investment. However, if you often grill and for many people, you definitely need this grill by Blackstone. 

Weight120 pounds
length62.5 in.
Width22 in.
Height36 in.
Performance 60.000 BTUs
BurnerFour burners

10. Camp Chef EX60LW Explorer 2 Burner


  • Extra-large cooking space that cooks almost any kind of food for multiple people at once
  • Study build for the roughest camping terrains
  • Quick cooking with the help strong burners
  • Relatively lighter when compared to other counterparts in the market.


  • During transportation, the griddle might wobble a bit despite the strong build.
  • If you wish to end the hassle of carrying around multiple pieces of equipment during your camping trips, this camp chef stove review will help you. The Camp Chef EX60LW is your best bet, made for the seasoned camper who loves variety and hearty meals while tiring hikes.
  • Camp chef has an undulating reputation as the best outdoor grill and stove manufacturer for more than a decade. And you can clearly see the experience in the Camp Chef Explorer. The stove comes with a range of accessories that make cooking much more manageable and efficient.
  • The two aluminum burners can give a total output of 30,000 BTUs, which eliminates the need for bringing extra cylinders because the foods cook ultra-fast. The design includes a temperature regulator supplemented by an adapter unit for better safety and even cooking.
  • The large cooking space makes it convenient to cook for a large group of people in one go. Compared to the other griddles of the make designs and with the same feature, the Camp Chef explores is surprisingly light.
  • Conclusively, the griddle is perfect if you are just starting with outdoor cooking or if you simply love the convenience of cooking a hearty well-barbequed meal anytime and anywhere.

Weight14 lbs
length14 in.
Width16 in.
Height32 in.
Performance 60.000 BTUs
BurnerDual burners


Camping grills and stoves are usually more complex than other cooking equipment, mainly because the user base is a quirky lot. If you often camp or have many guests on most of the holiday or love barbeque or grilled food than other dishes, you would not mind investing in a larger, more hefty, and pricy camping grill-stove. However, if you are an occasional camper or you don’t cook outdoor that often it is best to opt for a smaller, compact, and more price-friendly option. Camping stove with grill is a channel of pure indulgence, and after all, we all deserve some pampering from time to time, eh!

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