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Darkness cannot drive out darkness, essentially and only light can. What a perfect sentiment for the post you are about to read! Have you been facing too many sudden power outages? Do you fear the dark? Do the long power-outs keep you away from productivity or maybe you are simply looking for a reliable light source for your hiking trips? We are here to answer all those queries for you. Gone are the days of fire lanterns with unpredictable, weak flickering flames. LED lanterns are quite a revolution even today. They are portable, bright, more eco-friendly, and can be relied upon given you are punctual about recharging them! Much like any other product, an LED lantern needs to have some specific feature to ensure a fruitful purchase, and you get to make the most out of it. We have collected an inventory of some of the best LED lanterns for power outages in the market today. Hither comes the light!

Best Choice

LE LED Camping Lantern

Premium Choice

Coleman Multi-Panel LED Lantern

Best in Budget

Vont 4 Pack LED Camping Lantern


Best LED Lanterns for Power Outages Review

We understand it can be tough to choose the best led lantern, it is why we have brought to you our best picks. Choose from below:

1. EZORKAS 2 Pack Camping Lanterns


  • Comes with an SOS feature for better safety and emergency updates
  • Reliable build
  • Versatile handle to control various aspects of the lantern
  • Versatile as it can be charged via a USB cable or through batteries.


  • The Bulb in the lantern can be brighter.
  • AAA batteries not included within the package.

The EZORKAS LED lantern has one of the most ingenious designs which is why it is here as our first recommendation as to the best rechargeable lanterns that you can buy to combat power outages or light up your trails on camping trips or hikes. The lantern is collapsible offering the best portability, which is an essential factor for such a piece of equipment. The height as well as the brightness of the lantern, are adjustable. You can pull the handle upwards which expands the length of the lantern for more brightness. When you have your power back, you simply need to push down the handle to dim or kill the light. The design is unique but retains the useful features of retro lanterns, including the strobe toggles, flashlight, and the SOS signaling enabled for better safety and emergency protocols.

The build is structured from a military-grade ABS compound which makes the lantern resistant to water and other extreme weather conditions. You can also use the same handle for controlling the height, brightness, or to hang the equipment. There is a magnetic base, which allows you to create an anti-slip bottom when the lantern is kept on a metal surface.

For the price, you receive a pack of 2 lanterns along with a USB cable, installation guide. The lantern is both rechargeable and one of the best battery-powered lanterns as you can boot it up using three AAA batteries, which you might purchase off-hand, as they are not included within the package. Conclusively, the EZORKAS LED lantern is quite a versatile tool, offering both functionality and longevity to brighten up your surroundings. Quite Literally!

2. Vont 4 Pack LED Camping Lantern


  • Compact build and attractive design
  • Water-resistant
  • Strong body
  • Collapsible for better portability
  • Long-lasting battery output
  • Affordable


  • Some of the customer reviews did note that the battery holding springs are too weakly fixed.

The Vont 4 Pack LED lantern comes with 30 LED bulbs for an all-around 360-degree brightness. The build is robust with a military-grade material and a fashionable design. The lantern is made for enhanced portability and convenience. Using the lantern at low power will give you a long-lasting brightness during power outages or long hikes. 

The tool works on three AAA powered batteries that come included within the package. The lantern is water-resistant, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Using the handle, you can hang the lantern conveniently on a hook or carry it anywhere you go. The lantern lasts for a whopping 12 hours when geared up to 100 lumens. The structure is collapsible, which is another plus point in terms of storage and portability.

Vont is one of the brightest LED lanterns you will come across within an attractive budget price. An important point to note is that, even with complete power outages, the brightness is ambient and robust.

Although, we would not suggest using it to read as the bright light can easily make your eyes water. Conclusively if you are looking for a budget-friendly tool, the Vont is undoubtedly one of the best-LED lanterns for power outages.

3. Monomax LED Camping Lantern


  • Extreme brightness which is also adjustable
  • Strong body
  • Waterproof


  • At high lumens, the battery might run out faster.

Having the Monomax LED Lantern stashed away in your home is the best way to be well prepared for emergency situations such as sudden power outages. The lantern promises exceptional longevity with a strong build. The design is truly modern imparting a chic appeal to the equipment. 

The bulbs are arranged to offer 360-degree lighting, and the brightness is enough to light up a small room quite nicely. The manual is easy to follow, and the operation is simple. With medium brightness, the battery can last to a whopping 30 to 35 hours, which is the highest duration up until now. 

The lantern can work up to 1500 lumens which are a lot of brightness. You can adjust the light output as you deem fit. Within the package, you will find four AAA grade batteries along with the central unit. Conclusively given the price, the Monomax is one of the best-LED lanterns for power outages or outdoor usage and will undoubtedly prove as bang for the buck buys in the long run.

4. Core 500 Lumen CREE Battery Lantern


  • Strong build and body
  • Water-resistant
  • Long battery life
  • One year warranty period


  • Since the D batteries are not included in the package, you will need to spend quite a few bucks purchasing as they are expensive.

 The Core 500 CRE Battery lantern comes in two different variants. The first model which has a total output of 500 lumens, can run for straight 65 hours under 200 lumens. The design is attractive and functional. We adore the neon green ridges on the lamp, which imparts a rather quirky look to the overall design.

The build is strong, offering durability and longevity in one package. The company claims that the CRE bulbs are made to last a lifetime, which is reaffirmed when you go through some of the customer reviews regarding this best battery-powered lantern.

The body is water-resistant making it perfect for outdoor use. The only disparity is you will have to procure the three batteries separately as they are not included in the package. The Core 500 lantern comes with a one-year warranty period. Overall, if you are looking for a product that won’t fail you during a power outage, this product should be on your list of emergency tools.

5. Internova 1000 LED Camping Lantern


  • Extreme brightness
  • Several setting to adjust the brightness at variable levels
  • Red light for night stargazing
  • SOS and other emergency signals
  • Strong build


  • The battery life is concise at 1000 lumens.

The Internova 1000 LED comes offers 1000 Lumens on maximum power, which means it is the brightest LED lanterns in the market today. When you are using the full 1000 lumens, the battery lasts for 5 hours, however, on more dim setups, the lantern is bound to last longer. 

The design presents 360-degree brightness covering for a large chunk of darkness during power outages. If you are quite an astrologer or simply love the idea of stargazing with your loved ones on a breezy camping night, the Internova LED lantern comes with a red light for better night vision. The SOS and emergency features make it easy to throw alert signals to your neighbors perfect for outdoor trips in case you stray away from your group during hikes.

The company offers a five-year warranty, which is satisfying lest you encounter a fault with the lantern. The build is strong and sturdy with neon orange edges. For the price and the numerous features, the Internova easily makes for one of the best-LED lanterns for power outages.

6. LE LED Camping Lantern With 1000LM Battery


  • The brightness as white as the moonlight with no yellow hue
  • Consistent illumination
  • Cool design and robust build
  • Extreme brightness


  • The space enclosing the batteries is relatively tiny, which means you might need to fidget a bit to install them.

The LE LED lantern is quite a sensation among hikers as well as a great option if you are looking for the best-LED Lanterns for power outages. With 1000 lumens worth of brightness and 360-degree light protrusion, the lantern lights up a large quite flawlessly. The two-way hook is truly unique, in the sense that you can hand the lantern both ways on a hook. However, when you are hanging it from the bottom, it is essential that you remove the lid or the top.

The design is like no other lantern you might have seen before, projecting an exceptionally smooth and modern look. With four adjustments, you can choose between four different brightness levels depending on your surroundings. The equipment comes with an IPX4 rating, confirming that it is firmly water resistant, perfect for outdoor use.

The LE LED lantern is powered via three D batteries which are are not included in the package. Overall, the lantern might be a bit pricey, but if you are looking for the best functionality along with an ultra-cool design, this one is your best bet.

7. Coleman Multi-Panel LED Lantern


  • Unique multi-panel design
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Easy charging
  • Strong build
  • Water-resistant


  • Quite an expensive buy

The Coleman LED lantern is truly nirvana in terms of design with its small body fitting in so many light panels. There no doubt that this multi-panel LED lantern from Coleman is truly is many lanterns in one body. Each lantern panel is connected to the charging bottom. If you are mind blown with that, here’s another truly unique feature. Even though you can use the lantern as a complete unit, each panel work like an independent lantern, in case you want a dim yet ambient brightness. 

When attached to the charging base, the lantern lasts for 20 hours on 800 lumens. When detached from the base, each lantern independently lasts for around 3 hours at 100 lumens. During an emergency, you can project a signal up to 131 feet using the flashlight.

Despite the price, this lantern is offering functionality totaling up to 4 lanterns. It has an IPX4 rating meaning it is ultimately waterproof and the USB charging can come in handy when your phone is running out of battery.

8. KYNG Rechargeable LED Lantern Brightest Light For Camping


  • 3-year warranty
  • Can last up to 250 hours
  • 400-lumen brightness
  • Durable
  • Affordable


  • Lacks other features such as adjustments.

The KYNG LED lantern has a straightforward approach offering the best performance under the dark blanket during those annoying power outages. The outer shell is covered with a military-grade material promising durability. The design is straightforward, much like the operation.

Even though the KYNG LED lantern lacks the numerous bells and whistles when compared to other models on the list, the functionality meets expectations, easily qualifying as one of the best-LED lanterns for power outages and outdoor use.You can choose between light models offering white and red illumination. The white light version of the KYNG is best for indoor use, while the red variant makes for a great stargazing experience.

Conclusively, the lantern is rugged enduring long-term use, and does what it promises all under a very attractive budget price.

9. Blazin Brightest LED Rechargeable Lantern


  • Lightweight for better portability
  • Good brightness
  • Water-resistant
  • Affordable


  • The handle is ill-fitted which might come off when lifted.

The Blazin LED rechargeable lantern will last you for a week upon minimal usage which is the highest parameter on this list of the best-LED Lanterns for power outages. If you are power outages are relentless, or you are planning weeklong camping, what would offer better functionality as an illumination device, but the Blazin LED lantern?

With 500 lumens of illumination output, the brightness is sufficient to light up a small room quite nicely. The lantern is built from a combination of military-grade plastic and rubber. The build is water-resistant, making it perfect for long term usage.

Using the attached S-hook, you can hang the lantern for better illumination. The brand strikes a unique offering with its unlimited money back or exchange guarantee should you come across a fault in the product. If you are frustrated with regular power outages, Blazin is one of the best battery-powered lanterns you can opt for.

10. Tough Light LED Rechargeable Lantern  


  • Strong build
  • Reliable battery life
  • Convenient recharging option.


  • The LED lantern is quite expensive.

Take about name relevancy; the Tough LED lantern is quite an appropriate name for one of the most durable and best rechargeable lanterns in the market. With a powerful output of 400 lumens which enough to light up a small space during power outages. The most striking point about this product is its battery life-extending up to 200 hours with one-time recharge. This, dear readers is the highest score in terms of battery life for a LED lantern on this list.

With unparalleled durability, the lantern can hold a charge for a whopping nine months with minimal usage meaning you will be only recharging the equipment once or twice a year. Mind-boggling, eh! For the convenience, strong build, and very long battery life, this product is deserving of its spot as one of the best-LED lanterns for power outages.

Buying Guide

Durability and weight

Durability is an essential factor when it comes to choosing between some of the best-LED Lanterns for power outages. A product stands out perfectly when it is made to last long. While we all appreciate the extra bells and whistles, if a lantern is a lightweight for better portability and easy storage, there is a bang for the buck buy right there.

Lumen output and battery life

Lumen output is an important consideration to find the brightest LED lanterns. So what is lumen exactly? Well, a lumen is a measure of the brightness of a light source. One lumen is equivalent to the brightness from a single candle. Keeping in mind, the calculation will help you find the right product quickly depending on your usage.

Functionality and safety

There is indeed peace of mind with the best-LED Lanterns for power outages on this list as each product is electrically operated, which is much safer than gas lanterns. Make sure that the parts and the switch are quick and fit well in the body and the USB cable is well-built to avoid any unforeseen accident. For a product to qualify as the best-LED lanterns for power outages, they should offer a certain level of versatility. Some of the critical and versatile features that a lantern must possess for the added benefit include SOS or emergency flashlights, red lights, brightness adjustments, etc.


You must prioritize the feature that you need in a LED lantern to make fruitful investments. Extra features are a good addition; however, paying for bills that you won’t ever use isn’t a smart choice. A good and economical purchase is one where you are only paying for the features that will invariably use.


We hope that finding the Best LED lanterns for power outages is more accessible now with the help of our guide. The best choice indeed depends on the kind of usage and your budget. We recommend asking yourself- why do I need a lantern? or what am I expecting from my lanterns? Once, you jot down the answers; it is easy to pick the most suitable product from this list. If you are also hoping to take the lantern with you for your camping trips, we recommend fishing for a product that is strongly water-resistant and has a sturdy build. We wish you the brightest days ahead. Peace!

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