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10 Best Portable Power Station For Camping

Generally, camping is the time when we can rest, relax, and energize. If you go on a camping trip with your loved ones, it can be a lot of fun. It gives us the much-needed time that allows us to reconnect with our family and nature. Also, this is an activity that keeps every age group engaged.  

These days, it is tough for us to find the time from our busy schedules. Most of the time, we are busy with our work or our smartphone. Due to this, we end up neglecting our health and our relationships. This is when we must take some time off for communing with the natural environment, sit peacefully under the stars for hours, and unplug from the digital world.

For your trip to go in the right direction, before and during the trip, you need to take certain steps, especially when you’re taking your entire family with you. Otherwise, your camping trip can become a nightmare for everyone in the family. Many people consider themselves as a camper, but by making a list of essentials, you can push past your doubts and learn numerous things when you get down with nature.

At the campsite, we have a hard time falling asleep. To spend a long night in your tent, you must charge all your high-tech gears. Prepping yourself beforehand is the most important thing to avoid awful experiences. In addition to water, a sleeping bag, and snacks, you need the best portable power station for camping.

Portable power stations are versatile devices that resemble a generator in size. On your camping trips, you can take them with you as they are small in size and portable. Whenever you need electricity these devices provide an adequate power supply. In order to keep your phone and other appliances charged, you must purchase the best portable power supply

Nowadays, there are several popular brands that are providing the most efficient power stations with attractive unique selling points. Hence, you get dozens of options to pick from. This whole process can be overwhelming for those who know a little about power stations. To help you make this decision, here is our list of 10 best portable power stations.  

Buyers Guide

You must consider a bunch of factors when you purchase a portable power station. Typically, portable power stations are simple backup devices that are powered by a battery. Moreover, wherever you may need them, they deliver electrical power output. After your portable power station is fully charged you can take it on a long journey without worrying about your electronic devices. You can run the devices smoothly by plugging them into the portable power station on the way to your camping spot.

Before you invest your money in a portable power station, you must check some significant properties. Scroll down to know which type is suitable for you.

First of all, you must see the amount of power it can store. You will notice that it is measured in watt-hours. The high capacity battery ensures more energy for usage. In simple words, if a power station has a capacity of 150-watt hours it will recharge your smartphone over 10 times. In the meantime, a 1500 watt-hour battery allows more than 100 recharges.  

Having said that, to achieve a higher number of watt-hours, your station needs more power cells. As a result, the system becomes larger and heavier which lessens its level of portability. Also, either from a wall outlet or a solar panel, it takes longer to recharge the battery pack.

The advantage of a portable power station is that you can carry it around for multiple applications. If the weight of the power station is too much, it won’t be convenient for you to take it on your long trips. So, select a device that is lightweight and compact. In this way, you can put them in your car and all of your family members may use them on various occasions. 

Another crucial factor is the surge power rating of a portable power station. It is stated as the maximum power output. The standard output rating of a station is lower than this power rating. Remember, to note the surge power, because it is not possible to draw more power than the surge rating from the power station.

To accommodate each of your devices, you may need many ports. Apart from that, the ports must be of different types that include USB-A, USB-C, and no less than one AC wall outlet. An additional common port is 12-volt power ports.

1. PROGENY 280W Portable Power Station

The Progeny 280W Solar Generator may be used outdoors or indoors. It generates power to charge devices under 300w such as a tablet, smartphone, camera, laptop, smart TV, and many smaller devices. This is the best portable power station for camping, RV trips, and other off-road adventures where you may require quick and easy power on the go.

Its weight is only 5.7 pounds that is why it is transportable. It has a strong handle which allows you to strap it to your backpack, bike, or ATV. You can charge this device using solar power, a wall charger, or a car charger. And, the 60W or 100W solar panels are enough to fully charge this device. If you plug it into a solar panel, the battery is completely charged within 8-10 hours. In a car, it takes 5-6 hours to charge it. 

It is good to have different charging options. Sometimes, in unfavorable weather, you may need a quick charge for your battery. Then, charging from a solar panel is not feasible, as it is slow. With a built-in AC Output of 110V, 3 DC outputs of12V/5A, and two USB ports of3.1A, it provides power and a diverse range of charging options to the devices. It has a 27 pack 18650 high-density lithium battery pack and a long-lasting power supply of 280Wh. The lithium batteries are successful because they can withstand frequent charges and battery drains. They are smaller and weigh less than lead core batteries.

 If you charge it using a DC source, it can power a CPAP for 3-4 nights. Noticeably, The PROGENY 280W produces zero fumes so you can keep it indoors in unventilated areas. This feature makes it safe and harmless. It protects your devices from short circuits. Many devices are incorporated with sensitive charging circuitry that may be damaged by the fluctuation of voltage.

Like every other machine, this PowerStation has a few drawbacks. It cannot deliver power to high drain devices. It works best for devices that need less than 300W. furthermore, you get only two ports for charging your electronic items. You may find it useless on a trip if you have a big family.

2. Rockpals 250-Watt

Over the years, many people showed their trust in Rockpals 250-Watt Power generator for their off the grid trips. Like the previous power station, it contains lithium polymer batteries with a battery capacity of 3.7V 60000mAh/12V 18500 mAh. To keeps a laptop or LED lamps running for hours, it is sufficient.

The maximum power output of the Rockpals 250-Watt Power generator is 300W. This inverter gives pure sine wave (110V /60Hz) that is not common for most of the stations in this industry. It includes two AC wall outlets and four 12V 60W DC ports. Overall, the other two 5V 15W USB ports are beneficial for several charging phones. If you are searching for a multipurpose inverter for items that consume low power, then this is the best portable power supply for you.

You can recharge it through an AC Adapter or a solar panel. However, a solar panel is not included, so you have to buy it separately. Plus, 7-8 hours of charging time is expected if you attach the unit to the wall outlet. All you need is a compatible 50W or 100W solar panel to charge it. The charging time may vary with the wattage of the solar panel.

Owing to its weight, it is a light power station with 5.5 lbs (2.5 kg) weight. You can use only one hand to lift it. With 255x100x160mm dimensions, it can fit into a small space. This power supply offers overcharge and surge protection. If the temperature is high. The internal cooling fan starts working to maintain the temperature of the inverter.

The inverter is well designed and is of remarkable quality. You can charge and discharge the battery roughly over 500 times. The 18-month warranty has gained the confidence of hundreds of households. According to people, it holds the charge for a good timespan.

3. RAVPower 252.7Wh/70200mAh Generator

 The RAVPower power stations contain a USB-C Power Delivery port enabling you to charge your laptops directly. This is the reason why you don’t have to connect your charger by means of the AC outlets. Depending on how you use it, this power station has a good amount of power that can easily last days or weeks. Out of the three USB-A ports, two of the ports have a charging speed of 5V/2.4A. Meanwhile, the third port provides quick charge 3.0 for a smartphone that is compatible.

The DC port has a power output of 120W. This output is high and charges the DC chargeable laptops at their maximum power. Obviously, if you want to charge your laptop with this port you need a DC to DC cable. Similarly, you can use this port to power other appliances as well. In addition to that, it has two AC outlets. On hiking or camping, you can get cold water and beverages on sunny days as you can power a mini-fridge with this versatile power station.

Speaking of portability, it comes with a case for better handling. It truly justifies the definition of a compact device. Also, it appears to be a power station with a futuristic design. It has a heat dissipation outlet to guarantee proper cooling for optimal operation. Not to outdone, it has various emergency lighting modes.

In emergencies, by pressing the power button twice, you can switch on a solid light, SOS, and even flashing. For recharging it, you need to connect it to a PD port and it will precisely take 4 hours 50 minutes. From DC input, it takes approximately 6 hours.

4. WattFun Solar with 300W Lithium Battery

The devices that operate at less than 300W can be charged with this portable power station 500Wh. For example, smartphones, laptops, TVs, lamps, projectors, CPAP machines, drones, mini-fridges, etc.

You can buy this lightweight to use it indoors, in a tent, in a car, on excursions, or anywhere you may need power. Due to the travel-friendly design, you can place it anywhere in your car. It takes up a tiny room in your car trunk. An LCD screen is there to indicate time power consumption, remaining battery, and irregular error codes. To alert people in alarming situations, an LED light with SOS mode is present.

You can charge it in three ways. Fast car charging, Solar charging, and lastly AC charging. In the occurrence of an outage, you can use the car’s cigarette lighter DC 12V / 24V socket of your vehicle to charge it in 6-7 hours. If that is not suitable you may use solar panels of 14-40V / 120W to charge it well in 5-6 hours. And, the easiest way is to charge it within 6-7 hours is to use a household AC power outlet.

Pure sine wave inverter safeguards safety when you are powering sensitive devices like laptops. It decreases audible and electrical noise as well. It is designed to have a 1000 recharge cycle battery life. The advanced BMS battery protects your devices from an over-current, power surge, over-voltage, and overheating. This is what makes it safe and secure for you and your valued items. This leads to a prolonged battery life. 

5. Jackery Explorer 500, 518Wh

The Explorer 500 has a USB, 12V, and 120V output. A pure sine wave design inverter is given inside the pack. When we talk about USB side ports, 3 standard USB-A ports are available. On the front, you’ll find all of these ports. Each of the ports uses 2.4A output and the Type-A format. A standard AC outlet if you want to plug something into a wall.

Summing it up, you will see a 12V car charger port. As mentioned above, it can be charged in the cigarette port. Past that, it has a battery capacity of 12V-30V, 3.5A (Maximum 100W). To simply put it, it may take a while to restore the charge once the battery is empty. From a DC power stable source, the recharge time may exceed 8-hours. Although solar connections are slow. with a steady solar panel, and under the right weather, you may end up recharging the power station for about 14-16 hours.

Unlike the other units, it has heavy batteries. Of course, this is an evident con of this power station for many. Explorer 500 weighs around 13lbs. For a little device, it is a substantial number. Therefore, an elongated handle is provided on the top. This handle is great for a firm grip.

The Explorer 500 can run a 144,400mAh battery. When you use the AC port, it is capable of running 500W rated power along with 1000W surge protection. On this note, you can power all the devices except the bigger ones.

6. AIMTOM 540Wh 

This unit has a lithium battery with a high output. Simultaneously, it can charge numerous devices.  This is why it is the best portable power supply when you are all set to go out for an exciting outdoor adventure.

Technically, it has 3 USB ports, a USD-C port, two DC ports, a single carport, and two wall outlets. Usually, its 110V/500W AC output is an ideal feature for campers. What’s more, its battery capacity is 540Wh. When it is compared to other units of the same capacity, it proves to be 20% lighter and 25% compact.

In fact, at the same time, it powers up to 9 devices. As it includes 2 AC Outputs at 500W, one 18W USB-C Port, a Quick Charge 3.0 USB Port, 2 USB Ports that support 12W each, a 12V Car Port supporting 96W, and finally two 12V DC Outputs that allows 48W per port. Within 14 hours, you can refill it using 60W or 100W solar panels. With an AC Wall Outlet, charge it within 8 hours. It takes twice the time if you use the carport.

7. Sungzu Portable Power Station 1000W 

For the devices below the 1000W threshold, it is perfect. Your TV, laptop, camera, phone, and mini-fridge are all under this threshold. Fortunately, it will save your day in all sorts of power outages.

It is a high capacity unit that produces 1010Wh power. This value represents that it supplies power to your devices for an extended period. On top of that, it has two AC outlets and DC outlets. To fulfill your charging needs, it has 4 USB ports.

To record the current power capacity and battery life, an OLED screen is added. For recharging the Sungzu Portable Power Station 1000W, do it via solar panel or by directly plugging it into an electric socket for between 6 and 7 hours. Different solar panels refill in a different period of time. The Lithium battery pack holds the charge for your relaxing camping trips.

The power station is environmental-friendly. It does not use any form of gasoline, fuel, that causes noise or pollution. With this station, you get an adapter, power cable, micro USB cable, cigarette lighter line, 8 fuses, and a guide. It also makes sure that your devices are safe.

8. MAXOAK BLUETTI 1000Wh Battery Backup 

In this power station, you may observe plenty of ports. In total, there are four USB-A ports and a USB-C Power Delivery port. Each of the pairs of USB-A ports shares a 5V/3.0A speed of charging. No port provides Quick Charge. Still, a 3 Amp charging speed is of the USB-A ports is faster than the average 2.4A power output.

It has a capacity of 1000W. Those who own a phone with a 4,000mAh or 3,000mAh battery are going to have hassle-free camping time. Because of its high capacity, they may get hundreds of battery refills for their smartphones. From its two AC outlets, it generates 600W power output.

You can charge it using an AC source and a solar panel. With the battery management system, it is the most reliable unit of all time.

9. Jackery  Explorer 1000, Generator 

With a weight of 22 lbs, the Jackery Explorer 1000 is big. In this model, two USB-A ports are present, one of them supports Quick Charge, a single pair of 18W USB-C ports, three 100V AC outlets, and a 12V car charger. On top, these are present alongside the display that shows input and output watts, capacity, and percentage.

The pricing of this unit is quite competitive. To provide faster solar recharge, MPPT technology is introduced in this power station. It may be recharged in 8 hours by two 100W solar panels together. If you connect it with a single panel, the time may increase to 17 hours. The time for recharging from an AC outlet is 7 hours. 


The MAXOAK Portable Power Station BLUETTI EB150 is made with both plastic and metal. With a bright and large display, it is easy to use it. It has a decent power capacity of 1000W. Besides that, for a short time, devices that are slightly over 1000W may run on it.

This portable power station has two 1000W AC outlets (110V each). This unit does not have surge support. On a load of more than 1000W, the system shuts down. The battery capacity is 1500Wh.

It supports up to 500W solar input. On a sunny day, in about 8 hours, you can charge it completely. Also, it automatically stops charging after a full charge.

You can use an AC wall outlet or Solar panel for charging. Via an AC wall outlet, it charges in 10 hours. Based on the panel power output and the sunlight, the charging time can vary. Commonly, a 500W panel fully charges it in 8 hours under desirable conditions. 

In Conclusion,

Camping and outdoor expeditions are always fun and entertaining. Yet, when you disconnect from home managing things can be cumbersome. In such a case, worrying about a place to charge your phone or saving enough charge in your MacBook to get you through the weekend may be extremely stressful.

All units come with counterparts and benefits. Nevertheless, after understanding the technical aspects covered in this article, you will determine which one is the perfect choice for you.

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