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8 Best sleeping bags for hammock camping Reviews

Sleeping bags play an important role when you go camping. The bag must fill all your requirements and must be checked before you go for camping. It is essential that you shop for the right kind of sleeping bag, keeping in mind your trip; the place, temperature, duration, and many other factors. More than regular sleeping bags though; people are now leaning towards the dual, two-in-one product, hammock sleeping bag. To help you choose one according to your needs and requirements, we have made a list.

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Best Choice

Coleman 0°F Mummy Sleeping Bag

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Hyke & Byke Crestone Hammock Sleeping Bag​

Best in Budget

HiHiker Camping Sleeping Bag


Best Sleeping Bags For Hammock Camping

There are multiple types of sleeping bags available for you to buy; to help you out, we reviewed the best sleeping bags for hammock camping here:

1. Coleman 0°F | North Rim Cold-Weather Sleeping Bag


The North Rim Mummy-style Coleman adult camping sleeping bag operates in environments as low as 0 degrees Fahrenheit and can fit most individuals up to 6 foot 2 inches in height. Lined with polyester, it can be cleaned quickly in the washing machine. The Semi-sculpted hood is tightened to lock in warmth and you can unzip the bottom for additional airflow on warm evenings. The Quilted structure and thermolock configuration of the tunnel are available for heating and heat-retaining. The insulated foot box offers additional space for your legs and retains their warmth. ZipPlow removes the cloth to avoid snagging while zipping.

2. HiHiker Camping Sleeping Bag and Travel Pillow


Sleeping on the field has never been so convenient. While sleeping outside is a fantastic pleasure, but it can also be a very unpleasant one, but Hihiker has built this luxury camping sleeping bedroll to overcome this camping issue. And if the land you’re sleeping on is cold and muddy, you’re going to be safe and relaxed in our outdoor sleeping bag. Hihiker has also supplied a comfortable travel pillow in the outdoor gear package to protect the neck and head and avoid strains. The travel pillow is snug fitting and very lightweight, making it incredibly convenient to transport everywhere.

Ideal for both low and high temperatures, you can use this hooded sleeping bag throughout the year no matter what the season is or even if the temperature is 25 degrees Fahrenheit or more. The heat retention technology along with its fine stitching will keep your body warm during a cold night; while the double-sided zippers allow you to open the adult sleeping bag and get some air.

Practical, compact, and lightweight design, this 86.6”x31.5” sleeping bag is large enough to fit an adult. However, it can be folded and stored in its compression carrying bag. This compact sleeping bag is very small and very simple to wear. This durable sleeping bag is also washable, so feel free to wash it as much as you need to. Hihiker gives considerable importance to precision to guarantee that our outdoor sleeping bags are sturdy and well-constructed. In the unfortunate case that your new sleeping bag is faulty, you could benefit from a lifetime warranty.

3. OneTigris Featherlite Ultralight Sleeping Quilt


With 20D Ripstop Nylon on the outside and 380T Polyester Pongee inner Lining, the OneTigris Featherlite Ultralight Sleeping Quilt provides better comfort; the polyester filling makes it an ultra-lightweight backpacking quilt. Measuring about 200cm and 85cm in length and breadth, this hammock sleeping bag is suitable for temperatures up to 5°C ~ 15°C.

Different from traditional sleeping bags, this top quilt forms a diamond-shaped gap for use with waterproof mats or air mattresses which helps it make it weightless. Versatile & Portable, it weighs just 35oz (1000g) and rolls small which makes it easy to throw in your backpack when you’re riding around. It spreads out 6.5ft by 2.8ft offering plenty of sleeping space.

It has a Hook-and-loop sealed foot box that can be unclasped and be used as a top quilt. Often suggested for use in hammocks or bundled outside a sleeping bag for extra comfort, this is a durable item. The unique hollowed back configuration for use with sleeping mats provides a fine compromise between down delivery and heat preservation.

4. Bessport Mummy Sleeping Bag


The Ultralight Winter Mummy Sleeping Bag, by Bessport, is a fully prepared for adventure with the additional layers of filling in the correct areas to keep your limbs cozy. The ripstop polyester taffeta liner warms up easily and feels wonderful. The durable exterior is both flood and tear-resistant. It’s the right mix for the hardest journeys. When folded and packed in a travel case, the lightweight sleeping bag is very small and simple to transport.

Expertly made, this bag offers an outstanding weight-to-warm percentage and is the supreme sleeping bag for room and weight conservation. It lets you stay heated with the aid of 350GSM spray-boned cotton filling insulation and durable fabrics-that trap warmth and keeps you warm from 32 to 59 Fahrenheit and sets the temperature limits to 14 Fahrenheit.

This product is extremely easy to clean as it is safe for machine wash. There is an outer stuffs-integrated storage pocket which ensures a safe location to store your valuables or essentials like headphones or phone. It also comes with a unique comfort tuck that you can unzip, to put your feet out on a warmer night.

5. TETON Sports Tracker 5 Lightweight Mummy Sleeping Bag


The Tracker Ultralight Sleeping Bag, by TETON Sports, is a ready-made experience with additional layers of filling in the correct areas to keep your appendages warm. The smooth liner heats up easily and feels fantastic. The durable shell is both flood and tear-resistant. It’s the right mix for the hardest journeys. The sleeping bag hood of the mummy is specially built to minimize holes in order to keep your head and face warm. Zipper tubing and additional insulation in the vaulted foot box often offer much required feelings of warmth and comfort.

TETON supplies a nice compression pack to load your sleeping bag; start from the lowest point and fill the bag in, then secure the heavy-duty belts. The sturdy compression sack is included with your sleeping bag which makes it easier to transport when traveling around. The Interior Pocket allows you to keep your valuables like keys, wallet, or phone close by. This hammock sleeping bag is thoughtfully designed with your comfort in mind.

6. GEERTOP Ultralight Down Hammock Underquilt Mummy Sleeping Bag


Constructed with durable, lightweight materials that will keep you comfortable whether you are camping under a lightweight tarp in a hammock or sleeping in a tent in the backcountry, the GEERTOP 4 season Mummy Sleeping bag is innovatively designed for a hammock. There is a drawstring on the head and the location of the shoulder that can be pulled to prevent the cold from penetrating, leaving it warmer. This 23 °F & 50 °F hammock sleeping bag packs 380T waterproof durable shell material and Hydrophobic 450FP duck down and the microscopic air clusters found in down Feathers make a “loft” that absorbs heat and maintains the warmth.

 Measuring about 87 x 33 x 23 inches, this oversized design is perfect for those looking for more space to move. It has enough space for one adult and one kid. Each hammock sleeping bag is packed with a lightweight storage bag and weighs just 2.95 lbs. it is space-saving and versatile; ideal for all season hiking, camping, or riding, convenient to transport anywhere you go.

7. Go Outfitters Adventure Top Quilt


If you’re relaxing in a camp or a sleeping bag, the Adventure Top Quilt has protected you like two in one product. It substitutes the sleeping bag and can be used as a top quilt for the camping hammock. Easy to get into and out of, The Adventure Top Quilt is generous in size and allows you to sleep in any position whether you’re in a hammock or a tent. You can adjust the temperature of your body by bundling it closely or exposing portions of your body, much as you do at home. If the atmosphere is really warm, you can rest on top of that as well. In the case of colder temperatures, there are side release harnesses that can be linked to constructing a quasi-hood. The drawstrings can be pilled to create a tight seal that locks in heat. Its built-in, adjustable foot pocket keeps it in place all night. 

Our Max Loft thermal insulating control is high, comfortable, and compressible. It’s engineered in such a way that it can be cleaned and does not lose elevation in humid weather. The Adventure Top Quilt is over-sized. It’s perfect for individuals of all heights; measuring almost 7′ long and 53″ Tall. It can shield you at temperatures as cold as 20°F. Many factors come into play to safely camp in cold weather, Take your camping comfort to a new level by replacing your sleeping bag with the adventure top quilt.

8. Hyke & Byke Crestone Hammock Sleeping Bag


The Hyke and Byke Crestone 15F & 0F 650 Fill Power Hydrophobic Duck down Sleeping Bags are creatively crafted to merge the insulating capability of a quilted hammock with the comfort and versatility of a down camping bag. This 4 seasons ultra-light sleeping bag hammock is built for men and women’s cold weather camping, backpacking, hiking, and bike packing.

Crafted to be 4 inches wide for sufficient space, this spacious shape is ideal for those searching for more room to move, mixing the advantages of a regular sleeping bag with those of a mummy bag. As a result of waterproof casing material and Hydrophobic 650FP duck down-the microscopic air particles contained in down, feathers create insulation that absorbs heat and keeps you warm. The Extreme temperature Limit is 15 degrees F; Lower Limit for men is 30 degrees F while Comfort Limit for women is 50 degrees F. It comes in different sizes; Regular for Individuals up to 6′), and Long / Tall / XL for Individuals up to 6’6″.


Sleeping Bags for hammocks camping should be sturdy, durable, and reliable since you are going to take them outdoors. Apart from these characteristics, these sleeping bags must also be comfortable, and easy to sleep in. Before you buy any other sleeping bags, take a look at these best sleeping bags for hammock camping. 

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