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Garmin GPSMAP 64sx | Best Handheld GPS Product Review

We’re glad to see the GPSMAP 64 devices running and working; they’re one of the most famous GPS devices in the sector and have inspired many years of GPS expert outdoor enthusiasts. In addition, the GPSMAP 64sx has its benefits in contrast to the GPSMAP 66s. With a wider monitor, extensive networking, and an enormous combination of capabilities, The GPSMAP 64sx managed to score.

Garmin GPSMAP 64sx

Key Features

  • The TopoActive technology includes preloaded maps that can be rerouted.
  • Has the ability to add maps.     
  • Includes a base map. 
  • Tracks and Track log.
  • A handier housing.
  • It has Automatic routing; turn by turn routing on roads.
  • 250 BirdsEye Imagery files.


  • GPS
  • Galileo
  • Wireless compatible
  • Smart Notifications
  • Live Tracking

Use the GPSMAP 64x portable navigation set in your next journey. You will experience and enjoy Garmin’s handheld navigation in the palm of your hand, whether you are walking, biking, geocaching, or climbing. This product has many different features and can be analyzed step by step or in portions and get to know the nitty-gritty of it so that you can easily decide if it is the one for you.


Topo Active maps with routing roads and trails are preloaded in the 64x GPSMAP handheld series, enabling you to take the adventure off the grid, available only in the United States and Australia. You will also learn about the world, including rivers and natural landmarks, structures, international borders, etc. There are also dozens and dozens of interest points such as stores, hotels, hospitals, parks, and homes.


With a 2.6 “sunlight-readable color monitor, GPSMAP 64sx is a durable and waterproof interface with a button operation. The GPSMAP 64sx is at the bottom end of the spectrum in terms of resolution of about 1,940 pixels/cm² (3.6 x 5.5 cm, 160 x 240 pixels). There is just a simple comparison of the disparity – for example, from the GPSMAP 64SX and the GPSMAP 66. In outdoor exercise, the lower resolution is not that necessary. More specifically, the panel scale is 21% larger than the 66’s surface is very useful for displaying the map.

GPS Receiver

It allows you to know where you are with a high-sensitiveness on the receiver with a four-helix and multi-GNSS-support antenna and 3-axis barometric altimeter compass. The quad-helix antenna not only offers up to 10 meters of precision but also keeps your location sealed as you cross deep wood canopies. The GPSMAP 64x series detects your position fast and accurately and preserves its positioning in more difficult conditions than GPS alone with its quad-helix antenna and extremely adaptive receiver and a multitude of global navigation systems like the GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo.Garmin 64sx

With its GPS + GLONASS + WAAS compliant technologies, this device blends highly sensitive four-helix antennas with high precision for open field and shady space. The acquisition of signals is swift, and it remains locked in until it has located your location. Take it by deep canyons or heavy cans. It is quick to go back to old tracks and hit old waypoints with the electronic compass. This machine offered some of the best reception and precision for satellites in all field categories of the systems evaluated.


GPSMAP 64sx and GPSMAP 64csx models are available for wireless communication using BLUETOOTH technology and ANT + technology. You will receive an email, message, and notifications wirelessly from your compatible pairing system via smart notifications. Keep related without searching in your mobile backpack. You can share your wireless road, roads, routes, and geocaches with other compatible devices by handholding GPSMAP 64sx. Without expecting you to plug into your computer, your friends will enjoy your favorite walk or cache; just click ‘ send’ to move your details to another handheld from Garmin. If you’ve been out for days and need a weather forecast, keep track of shifts in pressure with time to guess if a storm is coming in. The GPSMAP 64sx also supports the Garmin Explore application.

Handling & Operation

Thanks to its subtly tapered casing, the Garmin GPSMAP 64sx is simple to maintain. The GPSMAP 64sx is like the GPSMAP 66s; the GPSMAP 66s is a GPS system for winter use. It can be worked with one hand without a problem. You can use any key to exit the helpful battery saving mode. This provides the 64er with a strong practical edge relative to the 66er, as only on/off is feasible. There are various pre-configurated profiles to select from for various outdoor activities as for all Garmin GPS handhelds. With additional profiles, the 64sx can be enlarged and simultaneously extremely customized.


The broad buttons on this machine make it easy to get from one spot to another. The device has 10 broad and user-friendly buttons. A wide multi-directional pad, zoom in, search, mark, leave, join, menu, and page button is included in the Activity Task Pad. In specific, we liked the button marking, which made marking points very accessible. The menu is simple to use and customizable, like many Garmin units.


The Garmin GPSMAP 64sx provides Garmin’s “classic” portable devices with long-standing proven features. It includes trails, roads, pathways, POIs, and geocaches, but also various small amenities such as proximity alerts, barometers, calendars, and alarms, to name a few. The Garmin ActiveRouting technology is used for auto-routing purposes. The path and distance measured by the system will vary, depending on the activity such as mountain biking, walking, as well as the map.Garmin GPSMAP 64sx

Track navigation is very minimalist – you only have to navigate the magenta-colored path on the map as you normally do for Garmin! It is not only possible to go to the track starting point with such tricks, but is there an alert for veering away from the track (e.g., from TwoNav). Different features, including waypoint, Man Overboard (MOB), Sight ‘n go, and Compass, are given for special tasks (CDI). To summarise, any work can be carried out by GPSMAP 64sx. That being said, it takes some preparation and practice to learn all navigation features.

Battery Life

Garmin describes battery life in GPS mode for up to 16 hours. The GPSMAP 64sx is also ideal for use with the Battery pack Garmin NiMH, which is rechargeable but very pricey on the unit and takes a while to charge. There may also be other rechargeable batteries. A small piece of hard plastic should be put in the battery portion on the switch.

Satellite Imagery 

The GPSMAP series 64x endorses Birdseye Satellite Imagery’s subscription that helps you load and embed satellite images into your maps. This helps you see the positions, locations, and details of your charts and routes on a satellite image.


You can save up to 5 000 points of interest and 200 tracks for up to 4 GB built in memory. You can quickly import additional maps by using 8 GB of onboard memory and a micro SDTM card slot for expandable memory for up to 32 GB.

Paperless Geocaching 

Also available in the GPSMAP 64x range is paperless geocaching. It comes with 250,000 pre-loaded geocaches. Add GPX files to your computer and access main details from Geocaching.com, such as location, field, and tips. Geocaches may be geocached without paper as well.

Area Mapping

You can calculate a regional area for agriculture and other rural and marine applications with the GPSMAP 64sx. Measuring the region is easy and fast. Only go, drive or ride the calculated perimeter, push a button, and you’re there. A processing feature for farmers, botanists, field workers, or oyster and fish producers, salt operations, etc. The GPSMAP 64sx calculates the distances and the directions between points and area measurements for agriculture, aquaculture, and related operations. You can also search geotagged images to create a flexible GPS.


Though the device is not moved just as quickly as any touchscreen device, the time between pressing and executing the device’s working is very little lagging behind. The redrawing maps are also quick.


In the Garmin GPSMAP 64sx, the delivery range is limited. The sales kit contains only one USB cable. There should be at least one carabiner clip included being attached to the backpack.

Measurements and mass 

Not too tall, not too small, it weighs Just about 7.6 oz. The Garmin GPS MAP 64sx fits conveniently into a bigger breast or pant pocket with its thin build. There is also an alternative to mount it to a lanyard at the base of the device.

Garmin GPSMAP 64sx

Additional Key Features

  • Map segments.
  • Includes detailed hydrographic features like coastlines, lake/river shorelines, wetlands, and perennial and seasonal streams.
  • Includes searchable points of interests like parks, campgrounds, scenic lookouts, and picnic sites.
  • Displays national, state, and local parks, forests, and wilderness areas.
  • It has External memory storage of 32 GB max microSD™ card.
  • Options of Waypoints/favorites/locations.      
  • 200, 250 points per route; 50 points auto routing.
  • Connection for an external GPS antenna.
  • Exit battery save mode with each key.
  • No mix of GPX tracks and FIT activities.

What to expect from The GPSMAP 64sx?

This machine was unbelievably versatile with all its fantastic features. In all weather conditions, it is extremely robust and easy to use. No leaks are observed while the device is submerged. The buttons are easy to press when marking the waypoints and functions, even when wearing gloves of various thicknesses. This machine includes 250,000 geocaches pre-loaded, so this is ideal if you are searching for secret gems. But do continue to update the hikes’ maps. There is little or no description of the base map accompanying the unit. Overall, the Garmin GPS MAP 64s are great to use with most activities and the varying climate conditions.

The GPSMAP 64sx also provides in contrast with its immediate ancestor – the GPSMAP 64s has small cosmetic changes in the setup like the tracks and reset in the. There is more internal memory with the option to include an external SD card. Downloading of the file EPO.BIN (Extended Prediction Orbit) for faster position acquisition is also available in this model. In addition to GPS and GLONASS, GALILEO is now also available, so you have the options: GPS, GPS + GLONASS, and GPS + GALILEO. WAAS/EGNOS can be activated as usual.

There are also other technical advances, such as a new USB link, absent from our wish list (Micro-USB or USB-C instead of the built-in Mini-B). A divergence from the GPSMAP 66 series may be an explanation for this. Garmin should have made some updates to the menu, such as the track manager’s features to browse and arrange the tracks; it could have been done with possibly little effort.

What do we like in GPSMAP 64sx?

  • It is reliable.
  • Shows accurate track recordings.
  • It can be operated with gloves.
  • It contains all navigation features.
  • It has a huge range of maps, including Garmin and OSM.
  • Wireless data exchange via Bluetooth & Explore app is possible. 

What don’t we like in GPSMAP 64sx?

  • Does not have separate coverage of the USB / antenna socket.
  • The USB interface is outdated.
  • A little bit on the heavier side.
  • Limited base map unit.
  • Not as smooth as touch screens.


You get a solid GPS handheld in the successor to the GPSMAP 64 series that is already validated. A portable GPS with an outstanding signal and a more stable build is highly valuable all around. Take everywhere this versatile, trustworthy device. Go camping, geocaching, or ruck sacking. With some fine info, the GPSMAP 64sx provides all features of the last generation. The GPSMAP remains sufficient for outdoor operations. The Garmin GPS MAPS 64s is suitable for an explorer who enjoys geocaching, tapered and high-quality stuff. Enjoy the reliability of today’s top range.

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