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Garmin Oregon vs Montana Comparison Review- Best Handheld GPS For the Best Wayfinding Devices

The jazzy art of map learning found its ultimate upsurge with the new technology-infused art of wayfinding- The humble GPS. However, the epitome of convenience came only after the inception of the handheld GPS device. A GPS can take you anywhere, but if you are an adventurer, you need a GPS device that YOU can take anywhere. See what we did there! Ok, back to the legwork, be it rocky terrains or whiteout destinations, or a long country trip, your adventures will get more secure, productive, and enjoyable with a reliable handheld GPS. We hope to relieve you from the geo-ache of never finding the right spots or getting lost in the most unromantic manner. Here are the four best Handheld GPS devices for our readers who adore well-directed adventures. We have done an ultimate comparison of Garmin Oregon vs Montana Gps which can help you choose your best GPS as per your requirement.

Best Choice

Garmin Montana 680t Handheld GPS

Premium Choice

Garmin Oregon 750T Handheld GPS  

Best in Budget

Garmin Oregon 700 Handheld GPS  


 Comparison: Garmin Oregon 700 vs Montana 680

Garmin Oregon 700 Handheld GPS


  • Sturdy reception.
  • Sport-specific profiles.
  • Wireless messaging enabled.
  • A huge amount of waypoint storage.
  • Closely mimics the smartphone-like user experience.


  • The battery drains pretty quickly.
  • Difficulty in using the device with gloves.

The incredible user experience that smartphones offer might sway us from ever investing in a handheld GPS device. That’s fair game until you meet the Garmin Oregon 700 Handled GPS. A lovely offering to our readers who wish to have a smartphone-like user experience with their GPS systems. From the size to the software, everything is designed for convenience and precision.

The large screen size of the Garmin Oregon 700 GPS is perhaps its most striking feature. You get better viewing angles, and the wide display makes it easy to figure out the road ahead. As the successor of the Garmin Oregon 600, this device is a perfect model.

Despite the modern design and hardware, the internal workings and the executions are kept simple with a straightforward menu and exclusive profile tabs for different types of sports or adventures.

With the sleek design, accessible toggles, and flawless operation, the Garmin Orgon 700 rightfully takes the first spot as the best handheld GPS devices to be ever made.

Garmin Montana 680 Handheld GPS


  • Perfect reception.
  • Extra-large display.
  • Electronic compass.
  • Dual orientation.
  • 8 MP camera with automatic geotagging.


  • Comes at a very hefty price point.

The Garmin Montana 680 comes with the best viewing experience for our adventures who dread handled GPS systems for their chibi displays. The screen is wide and long measuring around 480 × 272 pixels as a total resolution count. Unlike our previous GPS, the Garmin Montana 680 is designed to offer the best-gloved touchscreen user experience supplemented by a dual orientation.

The device packs a punch with its high-end digital camera integration which comes with default geotagging features. Now, of course, the device will not snap pictures as crisp and customized as that of a smartphone but the geo-tagging is a convenient addition for times when you reminisce about a location. 

For fantastic customer satisfaction, you receive 250,000 preloaded global geocaches along with a year’s subscription of the Bird’s eye satellite imaging. That is not all, as the Garmin Montana 680 handheld GPS is packed with numerous bells and whistles.

For better functionality and on-road convenience the devices packs along with a barometric altimeter, tilt-oriented compass, and a GLONASS satellite access. Of course, all these features increase the price way beyond a budget point, but if you are an avid traveler, everything that makes the Garmin Montana 680 is worth investing in.

Comparison: Garmin Montana 680t vs Oregon 750t

Garmin Montana 680t Handheld GPS


  • 18MP camera for higher quality images.
  • One years’ worth of free bird’s eye satellite imaging subscription.
  • Dual orientation.
  • Large screen for better viewing.


  • The device is super expensive, which might be an issue for our readers looking for a budget buy.

The Garmin Montana 680t is the successor to a beloved ancestor the Garmin Montana 680, which took the adventure realm by storm with its numerous bells and whistles and a fantastic display. However, the upgrades in this device are incredibly apparent; hence we can truly appreciate the enhancement done from the previous version. The claims state the device is curated exclusively for hikers, boaters, and cruising enthusiasts. However, the nav system is so robust; it got quick attention within the riding community as well. 

The Garmin Montana 680t sports a 4-inch-wide screen that adapts according to the oncoming light. Now, if you hold the device in your hand, the chunkiness of the product is quite apparent. But that is absolutely not a lost cause as the Garmin Montana 680t is meant to be rigid due to its IPX7 waterproofing mark.

Within the package, you receive a rechargeable battery along with three AAA grade batteries. This simply entails that you will never worry about the device running out of its fuel when you are on the road. 

As the geotagging features allow you to capture the location with an 18MP camera along with a beautiful snap for better memories. The navigation is reliable and quick, with a fast lighting reception. The Garmin Montana 680t makes up for the external rigidness with a fluid software. The internal working of the device is highly customizable.

Overall, for all it comes with and the enhancement from the previous product in the line, the Garmin Montana 680t is an adventure dream travel gear.

Garmin Oregon 750T Handheld GPS


  • 8MP camera.
  • Extra fast reception.
  • Multi-function menus.
  • Wireless app download.


  • A battery hungry device.
  • Can be hard to use while wearing gloves.

If you are looking for a handsome handheld GPS, the Garmin Oregon 750T is your best bet. Not only that the product packs an amazing number of features that enhance functionality and bring convenience to your adventures, packed with 8GB of internal memory and an exclusive slot for a microSD card, you will never run out of storage space.

Much like any other offering by Garmin, the Oregon 750T comes with a years’ worth of bird’s eye satellite imaging as well as 100k topographic data mapping for all of the united states.

The user experience optimized matching just any smartphone with a multi-function menu and dedicated profiles for all types of sports. The reception is reliable and swift, with an incredible sensitivity that allows for better tracking in high traffic areas.

The Garmin Oregon 750T sports an 8MP camera allowing to instantly snap locations and views that take your breath away or if you wish to keep records of place for making a vivid Instagram post.

Conclusively, the Garmin Oregon 750T Handheld GPS is a unique offering with all that you wish to have while backpacking or hiking. With features like Bluetooth connectivity, Wi-Fi, and ANT plus network that allows downloading programs on the go, it is undoubtedly a device you would not want to miss packing on your trips.

Buying Guide


The readability and display of your handheld GPS are some of the most essential considerations for types of adventures and sports. You don’t want to squint your eyes every time you want to navigate, eh? This is one of the main reasons why brands like Garmin are adopting wider or larger screen sizes for their GPS devices. A well-made screen will give you a better user experience, similar to using the navigation on your smartphones. Having an anti-glare screen on your GPS is a cherry on top, for all we know, the emphasis is always on sunny trips. A good readability rating directly translates to better navigation and happy adventure time. 

GPS Reception

GPS devices are constantly evolving with cutting-edge technologies making navigation easy and convenient. Your GPS systems are no longer just GPS satellites; they are able to connect with GLONASS network reception which makes your system highly location sensitive.

Such integrations directly translate to enhanced performance, netter receptivity, and accuracy. A good GPS works sports either one of the latest technologies including the European Galileo network, GLONASS, and other Russian-based GPS mappings.

Memory and Mapping

Preloading and uploading maps in your handheld GPS device is an essential feature for optimal functionality and performance. A good GPS has an extensive memory along with an extra slot for a micro USD card. Most of the new models of handheld GPS systems have preloaded mapping data for a particular, which is always a satisfying benefit.


Well, when you are out in the wild, long terrains, or hidden whiteouts, and your GPS runs out of power, that is one of the least flattering situations for travellers. Not knowing where to go or who to ask is a nightmare without any sense of understating the predicament. It is for the same reason that modern handheld GPS focus on larger battery lives. For better preparedness, you will also find extra AAA batteries in your package along with the main unit. If your GPS is battery demanding, perhaps you need an upgrade.


A handheld GPS is a must-have device for all travelers. When you have a soft side for trails, backcountry skiing, or climbing, these portable systems can be a life-changing commodity helping you reorient and keep track of your whereabouts. An adventure needs a sense of direction even when you follow your heart to the ultimate destination. It is vital to make a checklist of all the features that will be functional for the trips or hikes you take. By doing this, you are not only cutting down on the cost of paying for features that you don’t need, but you can also spend generously on those that you do need!

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