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Heated Insoles Vs Heated Socks: What to Choose?

As we are heading to the most beautiful times of the year again. Where you like to stock up on hot chocolates and marshmallows. Where you would enjoy the mesmerizing views of snow and enjoy all the good outdoors has to offer you. This is the time of year we have lots of good memories. 

Possibly you might have already planned a trip to the slopes for hiking and skiing. To enjoy all this outdoor fun during winters you need to keep yourself warm.  You are aware of this if you are a resident of the eastern continent.

With the advanced technologies now there are good options in the market for Heated insoles and heated socks that are the best foot-warming solutions. But like me, you might have always been stuck to choose between the two options. 

Dive into the article below to know the insights that will help you conclude which one to choose. Before we head towards the comparison you might want to know what exactly heated insoles and heated socks are.

To know more about the products and to choose which one is better amongst them we need to measure them on different parameters. Let’s see their features together quickly.

Heated Insoles Reviews

It is a lesser-known and slightly newer product in the market.  It has the great features of warming. The heating element is present in the sole, usually made up of super soft EVA foam. They have to be fitted in the soles of the shoes. They are designed in a way to comfort your feet and there’s no chance to feel the wiring on your foot while you wear them on your feet For hiking or skiing. We have recommended the two best picks which are Thermup Electric Heated Insoles and Aroma Season’s Rechargeable Heated Insoles.

Heated insoles usually have an external battery pack that will strap to the ankle when you wear them. They often have only one heat setting.  Some of the insoles are remote-controlled and have multiple heat settings in them. These external batteries can be charged with the help of any power station you carry along with your camping trip.


  • Your feet won’t feel like you are hitting wires
  • You don’t need to wash them
  • You can easily cut them down to fit any shoe size. 
  • It heats the entire bottom of your foot.
  • Some of the designs of heated insoles come with inbuilt batteries. 


  • They can be thick.
  • There are not many choices to choose from as they are in heated socks. 
  • You need to wear shoes or boots above the insoles. 
  • Most of them have only one heat setting. 
  • Can make your shoes feel tight.

top picks for Heated Insoles :-

Premium choice

Thermrup Electric Heated Insoles

Budget choice

Aroma Rechargeable Heated Insoles


Heated Socks Reviews

Heated socks have been around since the century. I am sure you might be very well aware of heated socks and the concept of heated socks. There is the possibility that you might have already tried one of them like most other people. 

They are simply long thin socks that have heating elements in them. The heating elements might be present on the top toe area of the socks or the bottom toe area of the socks.  They use external batteries.  Batteries are mostly situated at the side of the sock. We have recommended the two best heated socks, which are SNOW DEER Upgraded Rechargeable Heated Socks and Rabbitroom’s Unisex Rechargeable Polymer Heated Socks.

Heated socks have multiple heat settings. You can either directly control them from the battery or the remote. You can control the heating temperature by yourself. This is the most amazing feature of heated socks.


  • Has multiple heating settings.
  • Easier to tuck away the battery.
  • You don’t need to wear shoes or boots to use them. 
  • They can give the best performance on low settings also.  
  • More affordable


  • Only heat a small area of the foot
  • Sometimes your feet can feel the wire while walking. 
  • Requires regular washing by hand. 
  • Socks often fall or bunch over time. 
  • Fairly costly.

top picks for Heated Socks :-

Premium choice

SNOW DEER Electric Heated socks

Budget choice

Rabbitroom Polymer Heated socks


Heated insoles vs heated socks: How do the two products compare?

 As we talk about the foot warmers, let’s see them on the parameters of warmth, fitting, and comfort, heating controls, washability, and power. 


If you go out shopping for warm clothes you can’t miss out on picking up something to know you feel warm. If you are planning to go for a camping trip it is incomplete without the perfect pair to keep your toes warm.  

When you talk about heated insoles and heated socks for providing warmth to your feet, both are great options. But you need to remember one thing: heated insoles warm your feet only from the bottom. On the other hand, heated socks provide your feet and toes with all-around warmth.  

If you own both heated socks as well as heated insoles you might have observed that heated socks feel warmer. The most important reason for this is that heated socks give all-around heat. 

Fit and Comfort

When you go out Hiking, skiing, the most important thing is how well the shoes fit your feet to avoid any blisters or any other foot injuries. For the shoes to be a perfect fit with your feet, you need your socks to fit you well. 

So, when you go shopping for solutions for heating your toes take into account how much space is required in your boots for socks. Then, see how much space that thing will occupy in your shoes. If you like to wear tight-fitting shoes then heating insoles that take up more space can be a little snug for comfort. 

On the other hand, if we consider heated socks they are of the same thickness as the normal pair of socks. So, you might not notice any significant change in the fitting of your boots. But you also need to keep in mind that the battery of the heated socks is on the top of the toes so this might affect the fitting of your boots.

heated insoles vs heated socks

Control of heating temperature

The majority of the heated garments that are available in the market or that you own have the setting to change the heating temperature. This change can be done just by clicking a single button.

The heating insoles usually come with remote controls. That is you can change the temperature setting with the click of a remote. On the other hand, the heated socks have a control section mounted on the battery that is attached at the top cuff of the socks. This means that you might be required to bend down, remove your boots and then change the temperature settings. 

So, when we talk about controlling the temperature, it might be really difficult to adjust the setting in the case of heated socks since in winters you might wear various layers of clothes on your body.


It’s always been challenging to wash the outdoor gear for me and I can also be challenging for you sometimes. If it is challenging for you then you probably love this feature of the heated insoles. They don’t need to be washed after each trip. You can just dry them if you have sweaty feet. 

While on the other hand, you would have to wash the heated socks and it requires a long process. You need to remove the battery pack, wash socks with your hands and then hand them to dry. If you are planning for multiple outdoor adventures in a week you might require more than one pair of heated socks.


Heated insoles, as well as heated socks both, require a power source for the heating element to warm your feet. Both types of warmers use a battery power pack and provide about 6-10 hours of heating. 

I want you to know one very crucial point about heating socks when we are talking about batteries. Heating socks have a battery at the top of the cuffs. This might cause your socks to slide down and bunch up while you are out hiking. This can be irritating and would give you discomfort while you are out of any adventures.

On the other hand, when we look at the heated insoles, they have an inbuilt compact battery at the bottom or soles. This makes them more efficient and hassle-free.


You can easily find heated socks and heated insoles in different price ranges in the market. You would notice that heated socks are more affordable and low in cost as compared to shared insoles. Heated socks can almost be half-price as that of heated insoles. It can be a more affordable option for campers on a low budget.

Final Verdict

As we have discussed both warmers in detail on different parameters we can see that heated insoles are winners in some points while heated socks are winners in some points. Deciding to get one among them is quite easy now.

You can go for heated socks if:

  • If you want an affordable option
  • You prefer tightly fitting footwear
  • You want full foot warmth
  • You would like warm feet even if you don’t want to wear shoes.

You can go for heated insoles if:

  • You prefer convenience.
  • You want hassle-free controls.
  • You don’t wish to wash your gears after each use.
  • You want more comfort and ease of use.

If I have to choose from heater insoles or heated socks based on the above article and points mentioned in the article, I  would go for the heated insoles. The main point about the heated insoles is that they don’t have to be removed after each use. You can simply attach them to your boots. They have better control of temperature. As they are thick they will further add warmth to the foot.

So, I hope now you have got the clear insights of both and according to that the winner of this comparison is heated insoles.


Should I get heated socks?

Heated socks are usually more expensive than normal ski socks but they are worth the investment especially for the ones having cold feet problems while doing outdoor activities on a slope. Whether you are a snowboarder or skier,  heated socks can be the more comfortable option for you. It will keep your feet warm and dry while playing in the snow.

How long do heated socks stay warm?

The heated socks are powered by rechargeable batteries that keep their heating element warm. The maximum time up to which this heating element can keep your foot warm is 9 hours. This is possible when you have the heated socks on the minimum beating settings.

Can I wear heated socks while running?

Heated socks are just like the other socks but with the heating element. So, you can wear them to skiing, snowboarding, trekking, camping, running and everywhere you want. 

Do I need to wear regular socks inside the shared socks?

Though there is no such need to wear socks inside the heated socks, you can wear them to add extra warmth. If you plan to do anything like this you should preferably purchase heated socks of one size larger than you usually require. 

Are heated socks safe?

Heated socks are safe for daily usage.  Though you need to keep a check that your battery pack doesn’t get wet when you use your heated socks regularly. 

There are some models of heated socks that face the issue of overheating. So, read and follow the manufacturer’s guide when using socks to prevent overheating.

Are heated socks worth it?

If you often find your feet turning extra cold while skiing or hiking, heated socks might give you the next level of comfort on your day trips. So, if you want to avoid frosty toes you can opt to purchase heated socks as they keep your feet warm from top to bottom. 

Can I wash heated socks?

Yes, you can wear your heated socks but before doing that you would have to remove all the battery packs. After removing them you need to wash the socks with your hands and allow them to dry properly. Once they dry out properly then you can attach them to the battery pack. Make sure that in the process you do not wet any of the wirings. 

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