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Keen vs Oboz Comparison review: Best Hiking boots

Hiking shoes are vital to your comfort and efficiency, but they do not indicate towards the traditional ones that weigh down, are rigid and burly type. The trend is towards lightweight materials that still provide good support and waterproof boots are by far the most common for walking. In hot and dry climates the non-waterproof version is offered.

The two leading hiking boot producers on the market are Keen and Oboz. Keen is an organization specialized principally in boots. As well as producing walking shoes, they also manufacture shoes which can suit a number of opportunities. Oboz is an enterprise that focuses only on hiking footwear. Both produce numerous lines of shoes for various outdoor uses. Oboz shoes are made for both men and women; however Keen can design for men, women, and children. 

Each model put out by these manufacturers has different features that will appeal to different people. And people like to get their money’s worth when paying hefty amounts for a pair of shoes. So it is best to explore these brands before jumping to a conclusion. An introduction to the brand and their policy will also be included as it gives an insight into how they work.


The organisation was founded in 1999 with the Newport Sandal invention by Martin Keen of Jamestown, Rhode Island. In Portland, Oregon, KEEN products are manufactured with materials that are imported.  One of KEEN’s main selling points is they are very efficient. Keen boots are simple, waterproof and respiratory. Their light weight aids calf tiredness during a long walk and breathability only adds to the level of comfort.

  • How to measure keen shoes?

They are relaxed enough to stroll easily and are usually perfect travel shoes. Beach sand is one field they’re not good at. It is once where it can be damaging to be waterproof. They’re sizeable. Firstly, they’re snug, but they adapt to your feet very easily. You first measure your foot in centimeters. Keen has a map to help you decide your size. Measure the width of the foot, broad fitted shoes are sold by Keen.

  • How do you break into keen shoes?

Keen boots quickly break in but a leather conditioner is advised to fast track things by the manufacturer. Wear your boots around the house a little and then slowly stroll around the area, they won’t take long to feel as relaxed as possible for a run.

  • How to maintain and clean keen shoes?

The KEEN shoes can be washed with cold water in a machine using a soft detergent like the leather nubuck cleaner and leather conditioner. Wool should not be cleaned nor rubbed but brushed with spot foam removal and the canvas should be cleaned with a sponge. Hand washed insoles, too. The smell can be handled using tea tree oil.

Although, particularly in reference to soles, the shoes are not very sturdy. Customer care also is a huge complaint. You can make the world’s best footwear, but your business is over if you leave your clients dissatisfied.

To get you acquainted with the keen footwear, we have reviews for different models so you can get the basic idea of how they are like and if they would suit you. Both the models below help you get to your destination effectively and comfortably, but each pair has independent different features that may or may not be required by you, depending on your needs.

KEEN Voyageur Men's Mid Hiking Boot


  • No break-in period.
  • Very supportive.
  • Roomy toe box.
  • Very breathable.


  • The lining wears out fast.
  • Sole separates easily.

In more ways than one, those 19 colours are cool. For the summer, it’s light and breathable. They give a good sense of security and support to the wearer. They are, though, a little less waterproof, more suitable for hot and dry conditions. The sole is encouraging and versatile. The outsole of the rubber is not labeled. For washing ease, the insole can be removed. The met atomic EVA footstool gives stability and assistance. Leather and mesh top offer a convenient and breathable shoe for intense heat wear ability.

KEEN Men's Targhee II mid Waterproof Hiking Boot


  • Supportive and stable.
  • Patented toe box.
  • Minimal break-in period.
  • Ideal for day-to-day use.


  • Eyelets for the laces are rather weak.
  • Lugs come off after a few months.

Different Keen boots have various attractive attributes.  One of the industry-leading boots is the Targhee hiking boot line for several years. These are long-standing and high-quality hiking boots developed for all terrains and varying weather conditions. KEEN Men’s Targhee II mid Waterproof Hiking Boot is one of the best-selling versions of KEEN. They are technical and traditional with 20 colours, so you can certainly find one that fits your wardrobe. 

Its big point of sale is that it is waterproof but still lightweight and convenient. The porous and water-resistant framework of KEEN DRY lets your foot stay dry and relaxed all day while allowing the vapor to escape. A hypertensive grip is given in every setting with the Keen all-terrain rubber outsole. Both ankle support and balance on uneven surfaces are supported by the Torsion stability of the exterior support shank and middle height.


Oboz is short for “Outside of Bozeman,” referring to the place where shoes were first made, Bozeman, Montana. The shoes have been made to walk along these iconic mountain paths. Though Oboz still has offices in Bozeman, Montana, it is newly acquired by retailer Kathmandu, located in New Zealand, and the factories are situated in Vietnam. Sustainability is one thing that Oboz has on KEEN. The toe is rough and the lugs are treaded deeply. They are water-resistant and still respiratory but are on the heavy side and there is some lack of protection for the ankle. For the serious walker they are fantastic boots but for the urban tourist a little too much.

  • How to measure Oboz shoes? 

Although some of the shoes go a bit on the narrow side, they are largely tailored. Use Brannock to assess the length and width of your foot and to evaluate the foot volume and height of your arch; you should have an experienced booting fitter. All of these data will influence fitness and help to evaluate which boots are fit for you. 

  • Does Oboz accommodate different feet sizes?

They also offer wide sizes; anyone who believes that they require a big shoe may need only a large toe package, also provided by Oboz. 

  • How to break into Oboz shoes?

At first, Oboz boots can be a little stiff like every boot but can be easily broken in by wearing them progressively every day for longer periods.  Oboz stays the same number for a long period of time, they’re really robust.

  • Where can you wear Oboz shoes?

These boots were built for the mountains of Montana but have proved their strength in Utah against the harsh, sandy weather and steep canyon paths. Lack of knee support is made up for by the underfoot power. 

  • How to clean and maintain Oboz shoes?

You must clean the mud or dust it off after any usage to wash the shoes. Take only the best medium to scrub and never solvents, detergents, or grease. It’s suggested to clean Nikwax Footwear Gel for Oboz. Before applying the cleaning medium, dampen the pants. Clean water for rinsing. Conditioners of leather are advisable. Leave them to air dry.

To get you acquainted with the Oboz footwear, we have reviews for different models so you can get a basic idea of how they are like and if they would suit you. Both the models below help you get to your destination effectively and comfortably, but each pair has independent different features that may or may not be required by you, depending on your needs.

Oboz Sawtooth II Low Men's Hiking Boot


  • Solid cushioning and good support.
  • Easy to clean.
  • The insole does a better job than expected.
  • Lightweight.


  • Sole wears out quickly.

The Oboz Sawtooth II Low Hiking Shoes might be for you if you prefer shoes with a lighter weight than hiking boots which are still heavier and protective than walking boots. It includes features like a stronger, secure, and rounder heel which encourages a rolling motion that naturally keeps you engaged and keeps your feet safe and relaxed.

It also has more of a buffer zone between the foot and the ground. The insole is built to reproduce any pair of Oboz shoes with the same shape and structure, to have the look, sound, and efficiency of the industry that are unmatched. The Sawtooth Midsole is suitable for daily use. The EVA dual-density central sole provides ankle support and stability, as well as a nylon shank with extra foundation. The wide mesh panels make it easier for the foot to respire. The rubber heel counter helps to keep the shoe snug and secure.

Oboz Sawtooth II Mid B-Dry Men's Hiking Boot


  • Waterproof.
  • No break-in time.
  • Deep sole treads have good traction.
  • The insole is removable.


  • On the smaller size.
  • Laces come undone easily.

Oboz not only manufactures excellent footwear but is also eco-friendly. For each pair of shoes that they produce, they plant a tree. Bridger BDry provides the best security for a long and heavy-duty trip on and off the trail. Walkers enjoy the sturdy leather higher than expected and more.

The water-resistant B-Dry membrane leaves your foot dry and relaxed. The shank holds the boot secure and robust. The bleeding that stops the TPU flex chassis protects your feet from fractures without losing their flexibility. The insole BFit EVA gives outstanding support for the arch. The adhesive outsole with a directional bump of four millimeters helps with traction.


Both businesses manufacture high-quality, long-lasting boots. Keen’s footwear is more flexible and can be suitable for several different uses both indoor and outdoor. Oboz is focusing on outerwear, by comparison. The fit of Oboz shoes appears to be spacious because you have a larger foot area. However, Keen does boots that can stand up to freezing in extreme weather conditions, if you go on hiking trips.

Keen is a business that provides good quality footwear for men, women, and children. Cushioned foam and the maximum compression for your pressure points are integrated into the design. Each shoe is designed uniquely, however; the quality dedication of the company can be seen in any pair.

Oboz is now implementing a huge amount of work and performance measurement. The business appears to be more specialised than Keen, and they make only outdoor shoes. That’s why Oboz shoes are the ones for walking, hiking, running on light paths, and casual wear if you want extremely particular footwear.


Before choosing your boot, it will be beneficial to look into that Hiking Boot’s Category, Weight, Stiffness and Stability, Waterproofing, Breathability, Lacing Systems, Hiking Boot “Upper” Materials, Midsole Types, Outsoles and Traction, Toe Protection, Insoles, etc. Two makers of hiking boots bring a lot to the table, both KEEN and Oboz. You have to determine what you want from this table. 

When hiking properly, the primary aim is to find something that can help you take your mind off your boots, so that you can concentrate on important things like running, breathing, and the scenery. This is why it is so important to find the right hiking boot. Try the boots and see for yourself and determine what’s right. It is important that you take all factors into consideration and what is required by you; how the boot works with your body makes or breaks the hike. 

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