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Suunto Traverse vs Garmin Fenix 3─Ultimate Review and Comparison

“Fitness tracker” is a form of vague term nowadays. They function much like a life-style tracking system, where exercise monitoring and heart wellbeing, and sleep are just part of the formula. I understand the void in which you can disappear as a person who has spent years exploring and analyzing fitness watches. There are several choices, and there will always be new trackers, and it’s no easy task to pick between them.

I spent a lot of time doing research; even late in the evening, I will continue checking and looking into different watches and try to find the right mix of the most important functions that will suit my needs. Finally, I decided on a new version of the exercise tracker I already had, also one of the first I had yet examined. Knowing my requirements with certainty, there were some of the attributes that I said farewell to for the sake of other benefits that have certainly contributed to the improvement. I encourage you to find one, two, or three important features for your fitness watch and then search for one.

In this post, we will begin by presenting you a rundown of popular design elements and their functions, also included on this list are those which are found in many smartwatches. We’ll talk about two trackers for activities: the Suunto Traverse and the Garmin Fenix 3, followed by a segment about their key discrepancies and the reasons why you should pick one over the others. Afterward, before you purchase a fitness watch, there is a segment on stuff to wonder about.

Fitness Watch Features

Fitness trackers initially offered some basic elements, such as step counting, burning calories, and sleep monitoring. They’ve got so many more attributes now, giving them an edge and some pizzazz. However basically, exercise trackers will track your activity depending on your movement, whether they’re simple or sophisticated. You will also get to set targets and see how effective you are.

The characteristics to search for when purchasing a fitness tracker are addressed in this portion of the article. This will help you decide what you require without what you can do and which smartwatch fits your requirements.

  • Battery Life

When you monitor your device’s operation, you’ll learn more about battery life; it is also one of the core elements for promoting the watch. But remind yourself how important battery life is before you get wooed by that. You may need it to last as long as possible because you wear your watch all the time, wherever you go, especially if you are constantly on the move.

You will also have plenty of time to charge your watch in between, especially if you do not wear your watch to sleep and just carry it during gym or workouts. My smart clock could roughly go on one charge for an entire week, but I would be all right if it would only make it to 48 hours. If the watch is fitted with a USB charger, the car can be used to power it when on the road.

  • GPS system 

You need to get a smartwatch with GPS if you are into biking, cycling or hiking or some other sport you need to track, stuff like rhythm and distance. Some watches have GPS built-in, while others need your smartphones on you so that GPS monitoring is reliable.

  • Heart Rate Monitors

Tracking heart rate doesn’t concern heart wellbeing exactly; it could be advantageous for some users, maybe. Conversely, through the individual’s heart rate, caloric burns are determined. You will take care of the remainder of the morning’s pulse if you wear your tracker to bed, which helps track your fitness journey better and more easily.

Heart Rate Sensor

  • Smartphone Notifications

Think of this one. First of all, you should consider how I did: that when you work out, you do not want to be distracted by notification alerts. However, I eventually would take my handset out of my pocket any time I got a call and fall over a stroll. If you do not want to disrupt your exercise flow to see who you want to contact, don’t go for it. On the flip side, because you will have updates and previews right in your sight, you would not have to leave or interrupt your session or whatever you are doing to check your notifications.

  • Water resistance 

Any of the original activity trackers, i.e., those without a watch screen, were very waterproof, so you could take a shower without thinking about destroying them. Now it is best to leave it dry unless your intelligent watch claims it is waterproof. If you have to work out where you can get sprinkled or wet, aim to get a waterproof model. Your smartwatch is like your laptop but a little smaller and aimed to be attached to your body; you would not place your laptop next to the water.

Suunto was founded in 1936 by Tuomas Vohlonen, Finnish manager and engineer when he patented a mass manufacturing system for the liquid compass. Suunto has been at the top of the list of sports watch manufacturing, as well as diving computers and sporting instruments architecture and invention used by explorers around the world ever since. Suunto aims to equip outdoor adventurers physically and psychologically to explore new territories from the tallest mountains up to the darkest oceans.

Interest leads us to search and explore new destinations for new experiences. Still, it is a belief that we seek the way that helps get off the broken path Movescount topographical maps and Suunto Traverse’s optimized GPS and GLONASS navigation will help you schedule your walks and navigate in the open. You can retrace your steps if necessary with the automated breadcrumb of your route. Suunto Traverse’s solid and reliable battery keeps you hour by hour exploring.

Suunto Traverse is convenient to use with easy access to main functions and lets you appreciate your moments. You can pick points of interest by pressing a single button and loop easily with appropriate on-the-go content. There are significant sound notifications, but noise disruption is minimized. Suunto Traverse products have been planned, checked, and manually produced in Finland. They are 100 m/330 ft water-resistant. The composite case feels light on the wrist and covers the recessed panel with a stainless steel bezel.

It has a Barometric pattern that forecasts weather shifts, and when it is time to take cover, you are alerted of a storm warning. The times of the dawn and dusk bring you up to date. The backlight in flashlight mode allows you to locate your vital elements or to search a map while darkness is overhead. Traverse is meant for the outside, but you can also wear it for your daily activities with a stylish appearance and flexible features.

The automated DST correction and the GPS timekeeping allow you to get there on schedule. You can observe the steps and calories of your everyday routines. Keep updated on incoming calls, emails, and push app updates. You can configure your watch settings either with Movescount or for the iOS and Android Movescount App.

After returning to the camping site or town and the day’s walk on the watch is registered, it’s time to fully pass data wire to Suunto Movescount using the iOS and Android Movescount Software. The app also provides updates on your trip and helps you, in addition to presenting information on a 3D-Map with main metrics, to turn your adventure into a Suunto video. You can post your favorite routes and get ideas for new journeys with other users. Movescount enables you to follow the latest news on your peers’ activities and allow your friends to keep track of movements via the Movement Stream on Movescount and the Movescount App.

Garmin Fenix 3 GPS Fitness Watch

The Suunto Traverse watch is more of a multi-sport training watch for extreme sports fans. It can be worn alongside all manner of events, including outside activities. Fitness preparation and outdoor navigation features are offered. A safety PVD-inollate bezel and handles, a silicone belt treated, and an improved casing is included on the Elegant Fenix 3 HR watch for extra life. Garmin Chroma monitor with a high-strength domed sapphire lens with an LED backlight helps you view the data under any light, which is easily seen by the Sun with high definition color and 1.2-inch illumination.

The Link IQ Platform offers access to configure watch face and data fields, offering widgets and applications to be downloaded. Through the swing of your arm, you calculate and record each entire swing as 2 measures with an internal 3 axis unit accelerometer. Often, the arm will move enough during certain operations to accumulate in a limited amount of moves. On the other hand, in some situations, a lack of arm movement will lead to a loss of steps when you walk. It also has fitness training functions such as sophisticated running and vertical oscillation mechanics, VO2 max, and regeneration consultancy.

GPS multisport Fenix 3 HR is robust, able, and intelligent. With fitness sets and outdoor-fitness sets, it’s ready for any training activities or competitions, with 3 Axis compass, altimeter, and barometer as well as TracBack features. Fenix 3 HR is available for all outdoor-fitness activities. The GPS/GLONASS GPS-Satellite Receiver in Omni-directional stainless steel EXO antenna is able to track more difficult conditions than GPS alone. Fenix 3 HR is 100 meters water-resistant with a battery life of up to 40 hours, 16 hours in GPS mode, and up to 2 weeks in smartwatch mode UltraTrac battery saver mode.

Suunto Traverse vs Garmin Fenix 3- Which One is better?

The Suunto Traverse (and Alpha) watches are perfect for someone who has spent a lot of time outdoors and also where your key training will take place. It has many sophisticated navigational features that are suitable for long and fast journeys, but when it comes to other games, it’s not so rich in features. It uses a longer lifespan of batteries than the Fenix, which means you will be able to operate even over several days and keep a watchful eye on the trails while you travel.

However, Garmin Fenix 3 is also an outstanding choice for outdoor recreation. Both of these fitness watches have identical navigation systems and applications, including the option to leave the road behind and swap the routes with others. The Fenix even has an easy-to-read screen even under direct sunshine.

The Fenix also offers other forms of exercise monitoring for hiking, swimming, and climbing, making it the perfect choice for those who love both conventional and adventurous workouts. You will, however, require an add-on to the heart rate monitor to make the most of the health monitoring capability.

Garmin Fenix 3 has an edge on Suunto Traverse Alpha with an hour longer battery life, 16 hours on normal use, and 15 hours if you are using the GPS. It also has a 2.9x higher resolution (218 x 218pxvs128 x 128px) and other features like the multi-sport modeAutomatic synchronizationWi-Fi compatibility, phone locator, sleep reporting, and a cadence sensor, which the other watch does not have.

How to Buy a Fitness Watch─ a Buying Guide 

In this portion of the article, I will tell you what I have experienced from my first-hand experiences while looking for exercise watches, as well as the way to buy the best fitness watch for you.

  • See the accompanying program 

The real feature of your watch does not really appear in the watch itself, but in the associated app; you will see trends and deeper insight into the workouts and sessions from there. See the app for yourself and decide if the interface is suitable and make sure it is compatible with the operating system of your phone. Some applications even let you hook up with friends to compete in an old way.

  • Check the return policy

Having the experience of owning a fitness watch that I did not like, I make sure to check the return policy just in case it does not suit me or I don’t like it. It is important if you spend a lot of money on your fitness watch that you like. A watch with a return policy allows you to try it out and check and work with all the different features present so that you can make sure it suits your requirements and you actually like it; otherwise, you can always return it. 

  • Make sure it is properly protected

This is a fairly costly technology to wear on your wrist, and I had to make sure there are additional items I could buy that would protect it because you never know when you can take a tumble or just maybe hit it at a corner of a desk. It will be favorable to look for some screen guards; there are ones with good reviews online; immediately get them. There will also be some watches with additional insurance and/or a guarantee.

  • Understand, you never really will have the latest model 

 No matter which watches or what model you will choose, ultimately there would be a new one in the market, and you wouldn’t have the latest model anymore. This is only the world in which we live, and you will always have a further justification not to go through the acquisition if you wait for the next model.

  • Know the fitness tracker limitations 

 Yes, fitness trackers, especially new ones, recognize and monitor your movement very well. However, in terms of advanced measurements, they may not have the kind of in-depth, broken-down statistics you wish for, such as those required for tracing activities during specific sports, which can include your yoga class. Look for a tracker with a heart rate monitor and GPS to get the most trustworthy data collection achievable.


Fitness trackers are generally a marvelous inclusion to a healthy lifestyle or lifestyle that you hope to follow on a healthy journey. While all trackers, even the most advanced, are limited, they are the best way to collect statistics as an inspirational aid rather than a 100 percent accurate way.

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